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Look has revisited its track geometry for the 875 Madison, with NACA profiled oversize down tube for rigidity and aerodynamic fork blades and stays. It’s built of a mix of…

The Kéo Blade pedal range has had a makeover, with Look completely redesigning it for enhanced efficiency and power transmission. Look stresses the pedal’s light weight – just 95g each…

One of the most interesting parts of touring bike manufacturers’ premises is the collections of bike which were cutting edge in their day, that they often have stashed away in…

Look has been making bike pedals since 1984, when it produced the first clipless design for road bikes, replacing the toe clips and straps which had been the order of…

The Look Replica Team Aero bib shorts include anti-abrasion panels to reduce road rash in case you crash. We've seen how they perform if you stay upright.

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Look Keo 2 Max Blade pedals

The Look Keo 2 Max Blade pedals are an improvement on the already well-received Keo pedals, although the cleat wear isn't great so don't go walking around in them too

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The Look 795 Aerolight Proteam has the tag-line "successful integration" and was clearly designed with all out speed in mind

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look lmment jersey

Look's LMment is a waterproof racing jersey in the mould of Castelli's Gabba. It's well designed, comfortable and a close racing fit and breathes well although the pockets are a…

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Look's latest bike is a departure from its previously higher priced, race-orientated offerings. Starting at £1799, we tested the top spec £2199 Ultegra equipped model

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We have tested the Look 675 Light. Here's what we thought of Look's sportive-focussed endurance bike.

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