Once in a while you see an invention where you think 'how has no one made one of these before?' The IIumenox rear bike brake light appears to be just that.

Take a look at the featured video that demonstrates the product in action. By linking the braking cable action, the light turns on when the brake is applied.

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The product appears to be very small, light and simple in design. The makers claim that the light can be installed without using a tool and is compatible with V-brakes, side pull callipers and direct mount brakes. The light is turned on by a clever, but simple steel leaf spring switch.

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Crucially, it is claimed that the Nano bike brake light does not affect braking performance in any way. A second video displays the product with more detail.

The product features a high brightness LED and is rain proof. By using a CR1025 coin battery, the makers claim a constant run time of 50 hours, which we think is rather impressive.

With diminutive dimensions of 31mm by 16mm by 30mm, the light has a claimed weight of only 5.5g with battery. We think bike brake light is a really cool invention that would be useful while commuting and group riding. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

For more information, head over to Iluminox’s website

  • MrL0g1c

    A light with a g-force sensor is the answer.

  • MrL0g1c

    “Visible in daylight.”

    Sure – if you stare at the exact spot where the light is from a close distance.

    Car brake lights are roughly 350-500 lumens, a bike light should be of similar brightness in order to be noticeable.

  • Mcs Eacock

    Bought one, not robust, dim light, easily bent. then battery died. Cannot figure out how to open it up. Finally tossed it.

  • Chris

    I’m with you on this one. I would have already collected the rider behind me before I applied my back brake. Not necessarily a bad idea, but more thought required.

  • Chris

    I always brake first with my front brake and less so with my rear

  • Stephen

    I made something similar about 33 years ago when I was 13. 2 wires linked from an ordinary rear light connected to the rear brake, wires touch when brakes are pulled and circuit closes giving light on. Jeezo the amount of crashes I had trying to watch it in action though.

  • Pete Plowman

    Is worth contacting company as they may have one in warehouse. Great customer service.

  • mick davidson

    But sadly sold out…

  • Pete Plowman

    Check out Lumicycle Insight Tail Light

  • Pete Plowman

    take a look at the Lumicycle Insight tail light…..has a clever brake light system, works on G Force, so wether front or back brakes applied it still works, and no wiring needed

  • Christopher James Cartwright

    Very useful. If anything it should be fitted as standard.

  • Samuel G

    Only works with back brake though and most braking is done with the front, by experienced riders at least…it could be improved by having an actuator on the front brake cable somewhere that controls a light on the back, either with a wired or wireless connection.

  • nice,,
    where can i buy it? is it available online?

  • The Bolton Bullet

    Interesting. Any idea of cost or availability? Their website gives no details on either.