Welcome to Cycling Weekly’s new website. We’ve made a number of changes and additions to www.cyclingweekly.co.uk to make it better to use and easier to find the information that you want.

What’s new?

There are several new sections on the site, including newly-created categories in news and fitness, and completely new Racing and Sportive sections. All are designed to make it easier for you to find about specific areas you may be interested in, such as articles relating directly to the Tour de France, British racing, sportives or training advice.

We’ve also totally revamped the gallery section, so you can now flick through photos with ease, view them in high resolution and expand them to full-screen if you wish.

The comments section at the bottom of every article has also changed, so that you can see responses to other users’ comments linked together. It’s easier to leave comments and join in the discussion.

Available on any device

Our old website had very limited functionality on mobile devices and tablets, but our new site will re-size itself to fit any device – mobile, tablet or the largest desktop monitor. Text and photos will remain clear at any size, and on any device.

All your old favourites are still here

We haven’t got rid of anything from the old CW website. All of our old news articles, bike and products reviews, galleries, videos and, of course, CW.CC are all still here. We’ve even kept all of the old reader comments and slotted them into the new system.

Take a look around and let us known what you think

We’ve worked hard to try and make as many improvements to www.cyclingweekly.com as possible. Browse around the site, click on the menus and have a good look around – and tell us what you think in the comment box below or by Twitter at @CyclingWeekly


Cycling Weekly

  • dourscot

    That’s undoubtedly true but the homepage still looks a bit cluttered with images and headlines. There’s just too much going on.

    Whether any of this matters is debatable. The stories that turn up on Google news are always the news-oriented ones of course.

  • dave cawthorn

    Love it and I realise that you need advertising to make things happen but it does take up real estate at the top of a mobile device screen so if you can find a way to make it float and less obtrusive that would be so much better. The other downside is taut it is quite off putting whilst loading and someone who is only browsing may be tempted to cancel the page load before it completes. Cheers Dave

  • Pee Bee

    Many thanks for your reply. I was connected via my home Wi-Fi.
    Pee Bee

  • Thanks for letting us know, we’ll add it to our snagging list. Were you on wifi or 3G when trying to view the site?

  • Pee Bee

    Whilst the new site is a great improvement in that it does look much slicker and is good on the eye, it is considerably slower to load on my smartphone than the old site. I note you mention your awareness of readers now increasinglyusing such devices to access the site. I am running Window 8 mobile and had no problem with the old site. Now I have once or twice given up waiting for articles on the new site to laod and I have gone instead to a rival cycling site for my bedtime reading which loads instantly. I treid again this morning, with the same result so it is not a time of day thing.

  • NigelWynn

    The news section does get a lot of daily traffic, but individual bike and product reviews (for example) will attract more page views in the long term. Our most popular single article by a wide margin every year for the past three years has been the cyclo-sportive calendar.

  • Pee Bee

    I agree with dourscot about the homepage trying to serve too many functions. It should be just that,; a homepage and as such a clear launch pad into the site proper rather than containing a cluster of full articles. Having said that the new sight does improve considerably on the old one in this respect. I felt with the old one that there was little if any distinction between the home page and the news page leading one to question why the two pages existed. Needless to say, I enjoy the C.W. sight and the numerous good and informative articles, not to mention reading the comment sections.

  • dourscot

    No, follow that argument. It was more than news gets the same emphasis as other content when it will probably be the single most visited section.

  • Our focus will remain on news, but with more varied content the site now reflects the magazines content a little better. A lot of that review and fitness content was already there, it just didn’t have it’s own section. If you just want to read our news then keep an eye our for the news landing page that will be our next upgrade.

    Again, thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming.

  • Thanks for the feedback. We’re looking in to the cookie box along with all the other minor fixes we have.

  • dourscot

    It’s a big improvement but the homepage still feels as if it is serving too many masters. The news is traffic-get and yet it is given the same billing as other types of content.

  • Martin Stephens

    Looks great. is there a way you could lose the grey cookie button in the bottom right corner? crowds mobile