Is this the worst weather ever to hit a bike race? Stage one of the Tour of Poland was beyond a joke, but the riders had to continue.

Do you like cycling in the rain? Do you laugh in the face of ice and snow? What about hurricane force winds? Cyclists can be a hardy bunch, but the weather on stage one of this year’s Tour of Poland left riders thinking the race should have been cancelled or shortened.

This video got us thinking. What’s the worst weather you’ve ever cycled in, and what happened to you?

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  • jmccabe

    RideLondon-Surrey 100, August 10th 2014. Back end of Hurricane Bertha or something like that hit London and Surrey. Torrential rain and high winds caused problems and both Leith Hill and Box Hill were dropped from the course as it was felt the descents were too dangerous in the conditions, making it an 86 mile event.

  • Mine was day two of the Surrey League Easter three-day, I think it was 1998. It rained all through the race and was freezing cold. I couldn’t move my hands or change gear for the final five miles. It was all I could do to grip the bars. to make matters worse the race finished at the top of Leith Hill (Dave Berkley won). Half the field didn’t start the next day. I promised myself I would never get that cold again.

    The next weekend I went out on a training ride and it snowed (the week after Easter) – I was even colder! I got home and had to be undressed. I was in so much pain I was almost crying. So much for my promise.

  • tom coxston

    Cycling to work which is only 4 miles,it snowed a foot deep in places roads had’nt been gritted with ice underneath and a full on head wind,my brakes keep getting clogged with snow i had to kick and punch it off,whilst trying not to come a cropper going down a 12% hill then riding up a 8%,i was done in and frozen to the core when i got into work,a ride that usually takes 18 mins or so took an hour the cup of tea was a welcome sight i can tell you.

  • Charlie Bruce

    In the 90’s i rode a Peter Fryer Veterans race at eastway on Good Friday. It was sunny till about 1600 when we started on our 35 laps and the sky went black. I have never encountered rain like it. It was freezing torrential rain lashed by a freezing cold gale force wind. It came out of nowhere!!!!! Never been so cold on a bike before or since. I stood in the showers after the race in race clothing as hands were too cold to undress or get shoes of. Cycling weekly listed all the finishers as they said they said we all deserved medals for riding in such atrocious conditions. The back straight in the valley was an inch deep in freezing cold water. It was a shocker!!!!!
    Charlie Bruce
    Ciclos Uno