It's the online, social world that's promising to take turbo training to another level — and after weeks of playing with the 'beta' version, here's our exclusive first look


Zwift is an online multiplayer cycling game that aims to revolutionise indoor training. Paired with your turbo trainer, it replicates your efforts in a virtual world where you can take on challenges and race against other riders around the world.

Since its launch it has been overwhelmed with demand — an astonishing 18,000 people applied to join the beta programme.

Cycling Weekly received an invite, and for the past few weeks we have had the only journalist on ‘Zwift Island’, the hyper-realistic animated world where indoor riders compete against each other.

We’ve been filming it, and now you can see the results. This is  the first real look at what the programme will have to offer when it launches sometime after January 2015.

Our verdict? It’s very difficult not to be impressed by Zwift’s astonishing sophistication. It’s slick, motivational and very professionally executed. Our prediction: this is going to be big.

Take a look at the video and you can decide if we’re right.

  • Mungo Butterworth

    I buy it most weeks and have done for decades, except when unemployed, where I would simply read it from cover to cover in WH Smiths. As someone involved in marketing, it has all the hallmarks to me of a marketing piece, but I’ll take your word for it. Presumably the intensive coverage of Zwift is purely because you rate the product so highly.

  • Dave Burton

    As a resident of the northern US I have to spend a lot of time on the trainer – I signed up for the Zwift Beta early after a tip from a friend and recently got in. I have to say that I found the article to be a very accurate report on the experience and it explained a few things about the program that I hadn’t really understood

  • Mungo Butterworth

    Great piece of advertising/sponsorship masquerading as journalism/information.

    Not that I mind. I enjoy the CW website and appreciate it’s got to be paid for some how. However, it does make question how objective the report is. Zwift looks great by the way, even with these reservations.