Wet, frozen feet are no fun at all on a ride ? you?ll be scurrying home dreaming of slippers. We?ve tested nine pairs of overshoes, from full-on winter warmers to 3-Season covers



Ignore the non-cyclists scoffing at them as ?Smurf shoes?, because overshoes are as vital to winter riding comfort as a decent set of shorts are in the summer.

To that end, we have rounded up a great selection of what?s available. The choice can be bewildering, so we have split the options into the full-on winter thermal variety and the ?three-season? type.

The latter can be worn on grey, cold days in spring (and even on particularly unseasonable days during summer) thanks to their thinner, less thermal fabrics.

  • D Hutchinson

    well made but are too high up your leg and feel like you have bicycle clips strangling your calf, restricting your ankle movement. They don’t need to be half way up your leg and cut lower would be very good overshoes. So far at 3 deg. celsius my feet were only just getting cold, where as they would be numb with the others I have. However, I don’t find them comfortable and at 5-10 deg I will be wearing others. These, I would give 3.5-4 stars but I have read a lot of Net reviews and spent over £100 on overshoes, only to find 4 star overshoes. A 5-star overshoe does not seem to exist and in my experience an overshoe purchase is one of compromise, depending on whether warmth or waterproofing is your primary concern.

  • RED

    Your review of the Giordana bootie claims to be the Hydroshield model, but the images are the Giordana Nordic AV (which is not a waterproof, but a cool-weather/wind bootie “anti-vento”) – which is it ? Thanks