A 60-year-old man has been charged by police in connection with the hit-and-run incident that left Paralympic champion cyclist Simon Richardson with life-threatening injuries.

Richardson was airlifted to hospital on August 17 after being struck by a van on the A48 at Crack Hill near Bridgend, South Wales. He was initially diagnosed with fractures of the spine, a broken pelvis and a broken breast bone and placed in intensive care for two weeks.

The driver, from the Vale of Glamorgan, has been charged with drink driving, dangerous driving and failing to stop after an accident according to BBC Wales. He is scheduled to appear before magistrates on December 7.

Richardson was released from hospital in early September. It is expected for him to take up to a year to fully recover from his injuries.

Richardson won two golds and a silver medal at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing. The accident has ruled him out of defending his titles at the Games in London next year. He was awarded an MBE in 2009.

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  • Pauk G

    In my opinion, any driver guilty of a hit and run, should have their license revoked completely. They should have to take their entire driving test from scratch, if they even wish to be considered for the privilege of driving ever again…

  • Don Lupton

    I live in Spain for long periods on most of the roads there is a white line about 1 meter in from the edge of usually a ditch although this is not a cycle track , [there are them about ] this gives some feeling of security for the cyclist. This is all it needs to help drivers to avoid the unprotected cyclist. Most drivers are considerate but you can’t budget for the total idiots.

  • kevin norman

    The driver will get off and you can bet your bottom dollar that some blame will be attributed to simon for ‘daring to be there’!!!

  • Jan Sommerfeld

    Maybe if a large number of cyclists turned up at the court when the trial is held and held a peaceful protest to let everyone know the strength of feelings and concerns that justice is done. Also, remember to send letters of protest / concern to Mp’s, Councils, Police bodies, Judicial bodies, Newspapers, TV and Radio. Just anyone that it might be worth bothering!!

  • Patrick M Noone

    You will never change those hell bent on ignoring the law, so cyclist are just another hazard for not getting caught for the drink driver, on a refreshing note I seen today a sticker on the back of a Paul Ponsonby Ltd van saying, we are considerate to cyclist, so any car behind him may just take the same advice, could do with a campaign really like the motorcycle one think bike, maybe something like” Cyclist break easy” or ” Cyclist killer jailed” I’m sure others will come up with some good ones 🙂

  • Bob Franklin

    The 60 year old has been charged with drink driving! the accident was at 09:40Hrs (approx) how drunk was he! and pound to a pinch of s*** I bet he drove home from the pub the night before the accident. I would say take his licence away for good but then he will carry on driving without one, like so (too) many others do

  • Tracey

    I’m glad they charged the guy but why do you keep saying it ruined Richardsons chance of defending his title when he wasn’t even on the British Cycling Paralympic Progam anymore it’s true you can’t believe everything you read

  • Ken Evans

    “I was hit by a Doctor on this same section of road”
    (A48 at Crack Hill near Bridgend, South Wales)

    Can this road be made safer ?

  • Dave Rowe

    This guy deserves a custodial and a LIFETIME driving ban but I share the cynicism of the other posters that justice wont be done as governments and the legal system don’t have the guts to take on the motoring lobby. Sentencing for driving offences are laughable in this country. People who aren’t fit to be on the road shouldn’t be on the road. Rant over, thank you!

  • Tony

    Looking at the details, you would expect a prison sentence etc. However, looking at similar previous offences, it is likely he will get the minimum driving ban and a small fine. No positive signal is ever sent out. Let’s hope this one will be different.

  • Peter D.Reed

    I think that that the ‘drink’ content of the charges in relation to the dangerous driving should produce a custodial sentence followed by the customary removal of driving licence for some years.

  • Iain Brotchie

    I hope I’m not being naive but with the drink driving + hit and run element he’ll face more than the usual slap on the wrist. If he’s found guilty of course.

  • James

    This guy represents the decline in social standards within the UK, the judge needs to send out a positive signal and give him a holiday at the Queens pleasure!!!!

  • William

    Let us hope that the judge won’t let the driver off with a £200 fine and tell him not to do it again. Or even worse, blame Simon for the accident.

  • Downfader

    I wish Simon a full recovery and hope he gets some justice for this!!

  • Martin Blyth

    I was hit by a Doctor on this same section of road, luckily for me they stopped. I hope the driver who hit Simon gets the full treatment, but courts usually treat cyclists as little more than road kill most of the time.

  • alex

    It would be churlish of me to guess at the ‘sentence’, but I’m sure the driver will be ‘let off’