Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has asserted his commitment to enforcing the rules of the road, telling Cycling Weekly “we’re going to keep fining everybody, until they stop jumping the lights.”

Referring to the recent deployment of 600 police officers to various locations around the capital since a highly publicised spate of deaths involving cyclists last month, Johnson added: “We’ve fined 755 cyclists so far and 1,392 motorists, so we’re clamping down on everybody.”

Outlining what other measures the Mayor’s Office and TfL are taking to make London’s roads safer for cyclists, he said: “We’re putting about a billion pounds into the roads. Although I can’t promise it everywhere, we’re trying to have segregation where possible.

“We’re going to keep going with the Superhighway scheme, and redevelop 500 junctions and roundabouts across London, concentrating on 35 locations in particular.”

On Tuesday, TfL announced it would be delaying the opening of the New Cross to Oval section of Cycle Superhighway 5 as they trial semi-segregation methods.

Johnson was speaking to CW at the launch of an expansion of the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme in Wandsworth, last Friday.

When asked if he had replied to Chris Boardman, after the British Cycling Policy Adviser recently sent an open letter to City Hall regarding concerns over heavy goods vehicles on London’s roads, Johnson said: “I’m a great fan of Chris Boardman, and I’m in touch with Chris, but I haven’t heard of a particular letter.”

Johnson also claimed to not know about the Die In protest outside TfL offices on November 29.

However, he did note: “A significant proportion of accidents do involve HGVs, so we also need safer vehicles.

“They’ve all got to have the special side bars, the audible message that tells you when they’re turning left, special mirrors – a lot of them still don’t have all that.

“But the big thing is the increase in cycle lanes, and more investment in schemes to make cycling safer and more enjoyable.”

Boris Johnson in Wandsworth

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  • Tim

    Good. When the police have been out it has drastically improved the ability of all road users to obey rules of the road that they usually ignore (cyclists and red lights, cars/bikes in ASL box etc).
    Shame that as soon as you get to a box where there are no police all the motorcyclists seem to think their motorbikes have magically turned into bicycles and a majority of cyclists can’t see red lights (maybe they are colour-blind).

  • Nigel

    Read the article properly…..nearly twice as many motorists have been fined for jumping red lights.
    I don’t see what the issue is, if you jump the lights you deserve a fine, period

  • Robert

    The greatest contribution Johnston could make to increasing the safety of cyclists in London would be to make it clear that the driver will be prosecuted in every case where they knock off or injure a cyclist and can be shown to be at fault. Far too often the police take no action at all, or the driver is simply required to attend a few hours at an ‘awareness’ session. Drivers know this and so see little need to treat cyclists with consideration. Instead of dealing with them under traffic laws, perhaps all those drivers who injure cyclist could also be charged with ‘Grievous Bodily Harm’ and jailed for a year or so, as was that cyclist in Dorset who hit and injured a child on a pedestrian crossing. Of course that won’t happen, as traffic laws are not applied ‘without favour or prejudice’ and it is almost always the cyclist who is disadvantaged by this.

  • fieldy

    What about all the cars that are forever jumping light?

  • Terry

    Good, providing you keep fining badly behaved drivers as well.