RadioShack manager Johan Bruyneel has been handed a two-month suspension and a 10,000 Swiss Franc fine by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) as a result of the team’s non-adherence to clothing regulations on the last stage of the 2010 Tour de France.

In addition to Bruyneel’s fine and suspension from February 1 to March 31 2011, all RadioShack team members and directors present at the race were fined 2,500 CHF and 5,000 CHF respectively.

Bruyneel’s suspension term means he’ll be able to accompany Lance Armstrong on the Texan’s last race outside the US when he rides the Tour Down Under in Australia in January. But Bruyneel will have to miss a clutch of early European races including Paris-Nice and Milan-San Remo.

Tour Clothing swap
RadioShack riders, including Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer, swapped their regular red and grey kit before the start of the final 2010 Tour de France stage for all-black clothing emblazoned with the yellow number 28. The figure related to the number of people in millions suffering with cancer around the world as part of Armstrong’s LiveStrong cancer awareness initiative. 

UCI commissaires quickly spotted the clothing infringement and requested that the team change back into their regular kit at the roadside, leading to a farcical delay to the stage. Despite the warning, the squad then appeared on the podium in Paris wearing the black kit when collecting their award for best team.

Lance Armstrong changes jersey, Tour de France 2010, stage 20

Lance Armstrong’s roadside kit change during the final 2010 Tour de France stage to Paris

According to UCI regulations, teams must not change their kit during a race without prior approval from the UCI.

Bruyneel reacted strongly to the decision by commissaires to halt the race and force the RadioShack team to change clothes.

“Ok people! Now it’s official! To be a race commisar [sic], you don’t need brains but only know the rules! Their motto: ‘c’est le reglement!'” Bruyneel said via his internet Twitter account at the time. 

The UCI statement released on Friday announcing the suspension and fine said: “The riders of the RadioShack team infringed art. 12.1.004 of the UCI Regulations during the last stage of the Tour de France 2010, related to the wearing of a non authorised jersey. In addition, Mr J. Bruyneel publicly offended the UCI International Commissaires with his declarations.” 

Barredo barred
In addition to RadioShack’s discipline for its conduct at the Tour, Spanish rider Carlos Barredo (Quick Step) received a two-month suspension from the UCI for his role in a fracas with Rui Costa after stage six. The unpleasant fight was caught by several cameras and has since become a YouTube hit.

Barredo is suspended from competition from January 1 to February 28 2011 for “blemishing of the image, the reputation or the interests of cycling and the UCI”.

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  • old hedgey

    Two fingers to Bruyneel and his whole diisolute gang. lets hear no more of it, please

  • Alan Bebby Jnr

    Just how petty can people be to try and justify their job’s?…Let us face reality…

    How much money has Lance Armtrsong raised for Cancer research?…. Squillions of $USD… and far more importantly… how many lives has he saved?!… The figure is priceless…. The man is a genius and he deserves far, far more more grattitude, respect and recognition that he has been given.

    At the very, very least… The guy deserves the Nobel prize for the work he has done and the lives he has already saved… despite the abuse and accusations that the poor man has suffered over the years… his physical acheivements are set in stone… and will remain in history….The man is is an out and out all time hero… Just look at his record and what he has accheived… His TDF victories will remain so for decades… if not centuries to come… enough said…
    Case closed….

  • Lucas

    Lets face it, Armstrong always has an agenda. The coverage he got for the clothing infringment feeds his ego.
    If Radio Shack had cleared it with the Tour first, like any fair minded person would have, they would then not have the excuse to call the commisaires petty minded for doing there jobs.
    Now they can claim they are being unfairly picked on as they were only publicising cancer. Lets face it, everyone is aware of cancer, everyone has a family member or a close friend who has been aflicted.
    We all know he is much more concerned with raising the awareness of Lance Armstrong inc.

  • Steve F

    QUOTE: UCI commissaires quickly spotted the clothing infringement UNQUOTE.

    Made me LOL.

    The whole team in all black instead of grey/red but it didn’t get past the commissaires!

  • Jasper

    Whatever else you may think of the UCI, they are not wrong to act on the black kit-story. There are rules for racing kit and these rules are there for a reason. But exceptions can be made. RadioShack could easily have asked the UCI for permission for their plan, but for what i’ve read they didn’t. So they broke the rules and that should have consequences.

    Indeed it is very well possible that RadioShack / Armstrong chose not to ask permission in advance thinking they would get more publicity out of it not doing so. And they were right! I don’t think they are bothered about the fines, Bruyneel getting suspended was maybe not calculated…

  • Pro-Lite boss

    The UCI have yet again shown how petty their team of failed milk monitors really are. In view of the offense a warning would have been fine, but to carry it out in this manner has really shown how stupid this elite club of clip board holding blazer brigade do only harm unto themselves and really now its time that a lot of the UCI officials should actually be voted in by the riders, rather than someone who enjoys having an arse kisser work there way through their trousers to become an official at the UCI.

  • Norman Saunders

    Have to disagree with you, David.
    My view is that the UCI has been petty, vindictive and small-minded over this issue as further evidenced by the punishment handed out to Bruyneel.
    Whatever axe you have to grind with Armstrong, I admire his campaign and wish him every success. But I guess this has given further publicity to the cancer campaign, while at the same time making the UCI look complete fools; so something good has come out of this.

  • Ken Evans

    The fashion police strike again.

    Barredo is suspended …. for
    “blemishing of the image, the reputation or the interests of cycling and the UCI”.

    The UCI don’t need any help in that department,
    they are doing a very good job on their own !

  • kieran

    the uci is in total disarray… with wide spread doping and the whole AC issue hanging in the air and they are busy handing out empty suspensions to people in the off season.