AT last the UCI have backed the United States Anti-Doping Agency by banning Lance Armstrong. “Armstrong has no place in cycling,” said UCI president Pat McQuaid.

‘He deserves to be forgotten.” If only it was that easy. Armstrong’s selfish actions will have long and lasting repercussions for our sport. We’ll be dealing with his mess for many years to come.

Bradley Wiggins says he has no sympathy for bike racing’s worst ever cheat. “My main concern is that I’m the winner of the Tour de France having to pick up the pieces for other people.”

Why should Bradley have to apologise for something he didn’t do? Britain’s best ever roadie did things the hard way and won clean but now he has to answer for the cheats who doped their way to victory. It’s not fair but unfortunately it is inevitable that fans will be pretty sceptical thanks to Lance.

“It is understandable now for people to look at any results in cycling and question them,’ says Sky team boss Dave Brailsford.

“What we want to work towards is a future where there is no doubt, so that when someone moves performance forward nobody questions it.” That’s why Michael Barry’s confession to doping in the USADA report is particularly embarrassing to Team Sky with their zero-tolerance doping policy.

Following his Tour win and Olympic gold, Wiggins was favourite to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Has his success been tarnished by Armstrong’s legacy? This public vote will be the acid test. I’ll be backing Bradley, will you? 
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  • Jeremy Thomas

    Just a word on Pat Mcqaids recent comments. Why call Hamilton and Landis scumbags? That they are making money from book sales isnn,t really very nice, but. They did the right thing in coming clean. I,m not suggesting they should be allowed to return to the sport but then again, Millar was!! Just one more thing. I could never understand how Armstrong was beating the drug users such as Pantani and Ullrich just on pure physical and mental ability. These were all basicaly very good riders, but with the help of drugs they became super fast machines. Yet Armstrong was beating them clean?? Could never understand that.

  • Gordon Waugh

    BUT HE NEVER FAILED A TEST! So are all of everybody’s tests fixed or phoney too? Where / when does it end? If it is true – the UCI has FAILED BIG TIME and most of them paid big money for WHAT? THEY are the sports AUTHORITY after all not USADA!

  • Dave

    Part of the reason why Bradley is having to apologise lies at fault with your previous spineless editor or does that seem to have escaped your editorial scope this time?

  • glyn ward

    i would like to see blood profiles and power outputs published that would stop people speculating.