Regular readers may recall the editor heralding his big comeback at the end of last year.

The bad news is that it never really happened and the even worse news is that I’ve got 110 kilometres to do on Sunday.

It’s the Cape Argus ride in South Africa again and I’ll be making my third appearance in the world’s biggest and best sportive, despite my complete lack of training.

It looks likely that there will be a record number of Brits for the Cape Town event with some 522 UK riders amongst the 35,000 entries received at press time.

After two years blighted by storm-strength gales, we’re all hoping for calmer, cooler conditions. I certainly need all the help I can get if I’m not going to be considerably slower than last year’s four-and-a-quarter-hour effort.

I’ve got no excuses for my spectacular lack of fitness, I just simply didn’t get around to going out as much as I had hoped. Just nine one-hour rides is pretty bad even by my standards.

The good news is that several of my team-mates are also claiming to be suitably under-prepared. We’ll see.

Cyclists have got a reputation for underplaying their form, but with some 40,000 riders on the day I’m certainly not going to be short of a wheel to follow.

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly

  • Chris

    Ten Arguses under my belt (and only one ‘sub-3’ but all of them enormous fun – even the 2009 version with its 100km/h winds. Always surprised that there aren’t more Brits. Mind you, I must have counted 30 bikes on my Virgin Atlantic plane (and even the pilot was talking about it).

    Can’t recommend it highly enough – an exquisite day out…

  • David

    It was a great day out. Didn’t see any Cycling Weakly jerseys but saw plenty of other brits. Definitely a ‘must do again’ but hopefully without the Saturday food poisoning and a bit more acclimatisation.

  • Tony Hare

    Did you notice that in the elite ladies race British rider Catherine Williamson riding for team Bizhub finished in 3rd place for the second consecutive year

  • Mark Corliss

    It was a fantastic day weather-wise, unlike the 2009 “Tour of Storms”. I didn’t see any other UK riders but had a great day and managed to get round in under four hours. Not bad for a training regime that consisted entirely of spin classes and two road rides in the last six months! Roll on 2012 as this is the greatest scenery you could hope for on a ride. At least I’m here for another week to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather training.