Problems with the binding process of this week’s issue of Cycling Weekly magazine (January 6 2011) mean that readers in the north of England and Scotland may not receive their issues until Friday, January 7.

Cycling Weekly apologises sincerely for the delay in the despatch and subsequent delivery of this week’s issue. The problems should not affect delivery in the south of England or Wales. The magazine should be on sale throughout the UK by Friday.

  • Richard Cleathero

    My has been late every week since the begining of December
    Started being delivered on a friday then Saturday then the 09/12 editon turned the following wednesday by which time i had rung to complain and another copy was sent which arrived last week then back to friday or Saturdays again.
    Always seemed to have made it to shops on a thursday
    Seriously starting to consider stopping my subscription and have just read the 30/12 edition which i felt was particulary poor read it in less than 1/2 hour all pics,calendar and loads of adverts


    I have been experiencing problems with delivery of Cycling Weekly since the issue for the 16/12 which arrived one week late, instead of the usual Thursday delivery, i live in Manchester. I never received the Christmas issue, and the one dated the 30th again arrived a week late, i have spoken to the subscriptions department about the matter.

  • Peter brocklehurst

    If the January 6th copy of Cycling Weekly arrives by January 7th, I will be very pleased.

    I am still waiting for copies of 16th December, 23rd December and 30th December to arrive!

  • Roger

    Is that why last week’s copy turned up this Tuesday?

  • Neil King

    That’s nothing to worry about, thanks to the inefficiency of Royal Mail I have not received the last two weeks copies yet and the previous two weeks copies were delivered a week late!!
    What should worry you is that I haven’t missed them.
    Although on the plus side they did deliver three pieces of mail the week before christmas that were posted in September