Lance Armstrong has confirmed his attendance at the Cape Argus Cycle Tour in South Africa, the world’s largest timed mass-participation cycle event which takes place on March 14.

“Hey South Africa! Excited to come down in March. Bringing your man Daryl Impey with me. And yes, we’re racing The Argus. Hear gr8 things,” the American seven-time Tour de France winner said via his Twitter micro-blog on Wednesday.

Impey is Armstrong’s South African team-mate at the newly-formed RadioShack squad.

“Last year it was Matt Damon and this year it’s Lance,” said David Bellairs, Cape Argus Cycle Tour co-director.

“With such high profile individuals taking part, there can be no doubt about Cycle Tour’s iconic status.”

“The fact that Lance will be riding Cycle Tour alongside one of South Africa’s cycling superstars is just wonderful,” Bellairs said.

The Cape Argus Cycle Tour covers 68 miles on March 14, 2010. Last year’s event was blighted by strong winds that saw 25,698 finish, and 15,659 either elect not to start or drop out.

With so many cyclists in the area, the mind boggles as to how many would turn up if Armstrong announces one of his impromptu ‘Twitter rides’ before the event.

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  • Jim Reed

    Did the event last year. Even with the wind, had a great time. We signed up on opening day for this year’s edition, and can’t wait. Knowing that Lance will be there just adds to the excitement of traveling down to Cape Town to participate.

  • TheHog

    Errrr didn’t he say he “goofed off” after last years TDU? Whats this? Riding a Sportive? Must be getting a good paycheque.

  • theswordsman

    All the way to South Africa for a 68 mile event while serious Tour contenders including his “rival” battle it out at Paris-Nice. I don’t get it. I read the story about Damon and his brother last year, and it didn’t sound like good preparation for the biggest stage race in the world. And I don’t think he’s ever had an “impromptu” twitter ride that you and other news sites haven’t announced ahead of time, so it’s not like everyone there shows up because of twitter. I imagine local TV and especially radio stations pick up on it as well. People talk about t afterward as if it was a spontaneous flash mob or something.