New South Wales minister for transport, Duncan Gay has $5AUS million cycleway removed despite huge objection

If the news that the British Conservative government is to slash the cycling budget disheartened you, be thankful that you aren’t governed by anti-cyclist ministers in Sydney.

For the Australian city is to have a $5AUS million protected cycleway removed in the coming days at the request of the New South Wales minister for transport, Duncan Gay.

Mr Gay, who has previously referred to himself as “the biggest bike lane sceptic in the government”, is to press ahead with the removal despite huge objection.

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Not only was the five-year-old cycleway protected, but it along with other cycleways in the city, are used by as many cyclists as traffic lanes are by cars.

To further infuriate those who use the bike lane, Mr Gay’s reason for the revocation is seemingly unfathomable because the lane replaced on-road parking and not a car lane.

Local campaigners have vowed to “chain myself to everything going” when the one-a-half-mile lane is removed.

A 2011 report even said that cycleways in the city cause “no significant delays to other road users” and that “the removal of the bicycle path on College Street would have limited benefits for traffic flow if the western lane was then to revert to car use”.

The city’s mayor is also against the bike lane being scrapped, saying that safety of residents will be put at risk.

Mr Gay’s anti-cycling rhetoric is nothing new, having said in the past that he wants cyclists banned from some roads and that all riders should wear a helmet and have a licence plate by law.

  • knutiversen

    “and that all riders should wear a helmet”
    eh? Does the journalist know anything about Australian laws? (it has been mandatory for decades!)

  • Kurt Bauer

    Mother should have hung him . . .

  • Jimmy

    did his mother not hung him as a child….

  • The lucky country…. For petrol station owners

  • Percrime

    Sadly we allow our government officials to be complete cretins. In fact we encourage in in Australia. I,m not completely sure why.

  • Dolly

    Probably because cycling is such a low level priority here that a committee of one can make these sort of decisions. It’s a shame because Sydney could be a cycling mecca with the good weather but it’s so dangerous that I warn non-experienced riders off doing the work commute. A rider on my route got crushed under a truck just a week or so ago..not nice

  • Alain Fisher

    Surely there are checks and balances in place to stop a government official from making a decision like this on his own?