Becky James won the junior sprint title at the European championships today after a peerless performance in Belarus.

The second year junior set a personal best to qualify fastest yesterday and then won each of her matches without dropping a single heat. 

Her toughest match was against the French girl Laurie Berghon in the final, but despite some nerves the Brit didn’t put a foot wrong. “She rode very well in the final, both rounds in the final were really good,” Olympic Development Program Performance Director Helen Mortimer said.

“The final was the hardest, but she did everything right. She’s been on the ODP for four years as she came on to it a year early. She’s a real talent.”

“She’s coached by Jan Van Eidjen, and the other sprint coaches, so she’s had a lot of skills given to her.”

The junior endurance riders were also winning medals today with George Atkins and Laura Trott each taking a bronze medal in the individual pursuit.

The junior men’s kilometre also runs tonight with Kian Emadi and Callum Skinner riding for Great Britain.

The European track champs run until Sunday and encorporate both the junior and under-23 competition.

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  • Steve Stokes

    I am extremely angry, upset, and disgusted by the above comments suggesting that our young riders are ‘doping’ for racing.

    what makes me more angry, is that the comments are directed at a girl who is one of my closest, if not my closest of all friends, and for me it is an extraordinary privilege to be able to support her on her ever continuing success.

    When people like ‘Mr Questioning’ (obviously too cowardly to reveal his real identity) and Mr Morris post such un-researched SLANDER on here, it makes me question, what kind of people are supporting cycling these days?

    Had i not heard how angry she was at this post, i would never have known about it, but last night when we spoke, i took great pleasure in thinking of what washed up cyclists Mr Q and M must be to say that a young athlete like herself, who they have never met, and probably never have the extreme pleasure TO meet, would ever stoop to the Disgraceful level of performance enhancing.

    British Cycling is proud to be the cleanest of all of the worlds cycle groups, and here are fellow riders posting stuff like that on here.

    I presume that you both must herald from the “Sat in front of the telly, shouting abuse at elite footballers on the screen, with a Strongbow in one hand, and a Pie in the other.”

    So unless you KNOW what is going on, and pretend to know even a LITTLE about professional racing, DONT place your mind rubbish on here…. Save it for the sofa football management 🙂

    Steve Stokes.

  • Morris Day

    Don’t worry, I’m more than familiar with the insular world of cycling – all disciplines. My eyes are wide open, are yours?

  • Richard Butterworth

    You challenge results when you have some evidence to back up that challenge. Simply making off the cuff, unsubstantiated comments, such as: “There’s no such thing as a special athlete,” is quite clearly, ridiculous. Sporting history tells a different story
    Cycling seems produce more than it’s fair share of detractors, even at junior level, it seems.
    I can’t imagine negative comments, like the two above, being written in respect of say a young football talent.
    Any success in this sport, will always attract the pessimist. It does come with the territory. It is fortunate, therefore, that Becky is a track cyclist, which enjoys a far better record than it’s road counterpart.

    You do have to wonder why on earth certain individuals bother to follow sport: any sport.

    I feel sorry for Mr Morris and Mr Questioning, as they appear unable to derive any enjoyment from success.

    I am also sure there will be others, like them, should Becky continue to shine at the World’s, next month.
    With that in mind, I hope with rest, she quickly recovers from her crash.
    She has been dogged with bad luck, over the past 15 months

  • Tim C

    Then discuss an athletes performance in the context of their career to date. I don’t think anyone has a problem with that. But to make a uninformed and incorrect comment/accusation like the original poster did is down right disrespectful and does the sport and the athlete a disservice. Shame on them.

  • Keith B

    The first poster has a valid point and to ignore that in favor of polemic is folly at best.

  • Morris Day

    I respectfully disagree with the above comments. Why shouldn’t extra ordinary results be challenged? There is no such creature as a “special” athlete and to use that as an excuse for blindly ignoring reality is foolish. The sport of cycling and professional sport in general are rife with performance enhancers. Athletes are introduced at a young age. No one who competes at a high level is immune from discussion. It comes with the territory.

  • Peter

    Agree with Richard and Tim. What a pathetic comment from ‘questioning’. Typicaly, such a gutless creep wouldn’t put their real name to their post. Sad, very sad.

  • Tim C

    I think the comment qustioning the cleanliness of Ms James is entirly unfounded. Rather than throwing around unfounded accusations, the author should perhaps spend more time following the progress of our young cyclists and the context in which that progress was made. I note L’Equipe have been doing just that as they have reported “she is a major challenger in the sprint event in years to come and certainly a rider who has been showing for a few years now that she is one of those special athletes that come along now and then showing huge potential for the future. ”

  • Richard Butterworth

    I am angered to read such an ill informed comment, based upon the fact that the poster has no knowledge of Becky’s pedigree and progress, thus far.
    In fact, the opposite is true. The ODP recognised her talent from an early age.
    She has not been rushed into elite competition. On the contrary, she has been nurtured.
    She could have competed at this level, last year, but the powers that be, decided not to send the ODP squad.
    Progress has been steady, not meteoric, as this poster suggests.
    What will be said, if she is successful at the World’s next month, I wonder?

    I am all for freedom of speech, but shouldn’t such a comment, on a seventeen year old athlete, at least require some knowledge of the person’s cv?

    Slanderous and offensive.
    I’m am surprised that the moderators would allow such a remark to be made.

  • questioning

    Unfortunately, such results don’t bode well for clean cycling. There is no need to rush into elite competition which sadly it sounds like has happened here.