Rider reportedly hit by motorbike while competing at his home race on Sunday

Team Wanty-Groupe Gobert Antoine Demoitié has died in hospital after suffering a crash at the 2016 Ghent-Wevelgem.

The Belgian pro continental team confirmed that their home rider was in the ICU of a university hospital in Lille, France and described his condition as ‘extremely serious’ earlier on Sunday evening, but police confirmed his death late on Sunday night.

“The rider died. An inquiry is under way to determine the circumstances,” said Frederic Evrard, a spokesman for the Nord-Pas-de-Calais regional police.

Details of the crash are currently scarce, but reports suggest that he crashed and was subsequently run over by a motorcycle.

Wanty-Groupe Gobert have not yet issued a full statement, but have confirmed the news via Twitter. Demoitié’s family were by his side at the hospital where he was being treated.

The incident took place at Sainte-Marie-Cappel (Nord), in the French area of Flanders, and the rider was transported to the hospital in Lille.

Demoitié was 25-year-old joined the Belgian side last year from Wallonie-Bruxelles and had recently completed the E3 Harelbeke on Friday.

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World Champion Peter Sagan (Tinkoff) took the victory in the 2016 edition of Ghent-Wevelgem.

  • Wayne Nagata

    I saw video of the finish, the chase vehicles were drafting off the rear tires, they were way to close and motorcycle taking video was right up in their grill. no excuse for being so close. Freak accident my ass; P

  • V.I. Lenin

    OK, cross off the things you want to get rid of:
    – protection from road hazards and intrusions onto the course
    – crowd control
    – enforcement of the rules
    – control over other vehicle movements in the convoy
    – information for riders
    – neutral service in hard to reach locations
    – first aid in hard to reach locations
    – TV coverage
    – 99% of published photographs of racing you’ve ever seen.

  • Chris Williams

    Totally agree – there is no need for all of them – OK they are trying to get the best photo or give us good TV coverage but rider safety is much more important than us sitting watching TV seeing every single second of action. Even the trained Gendarmes get it wrong – think last year TDF one hit the deck trying to pass on the grass.

  • Steve Wilde

    Why are there always so many motorbikes flying around the riders at close quarters
    even on “CLOSED” roads.???

  • doohickie

    What kind of idiot racing sport allows non-race participants on the course? Pretty much just cycling.

  • V.I. Lenin

    Following distance certainly needs investigation, we don’t know. However, at the tail end of a group with riders dropping back to cars and so on, the official maintaining the barrage, whether in a car or on a moto, will always have riders in fairly close proximity, passing and re-passing. Again, this is largely speculation. “Freak accident” in that it sounds like the sort of low speed drop that usually results in nothing more than scratched plastic and a bruised ego. That doesn’t mean it was unavoidable, just a long way from the accidents caused by high-speed pass manoeuvres we have seen – Hoogeland, etc.

  • Henry Hillman

    Right now the family and friends of rider are surely the main concern. And then a close second is a full inquiry to establish the facts before we can start drawing conclusions. Sad day for cycling. R.I.P Antoine.

  • Jacek Foltyn

    I think it is a time to have certified “motorcycle assistance”. This can’t be done with a local guys with bikes….lets get serious…

  • Amanda Horn

    Maybe you should stop making fun of tragedies. It must be hard to be perfect.

  • Amanda Horn

    It is also hard to recover from lack of compassion.

  • BrigadierPresident

    Maybe you should backpedal on that comment?

  • EVERYONE is born an atheist

    I wouldn’t call that a freak accident. Sounds like, as is evident by watching any major race, the caravan of vehicles was all following each other way to close to one another not allowing enough time to react. That is drivers education 101.

  • V.I. Lenin

    By accounts elsewhere it was a freak accident, commissaire’s bike possibly forced into an abrupt manoeuvre by braking cars after a crash right at the back of the peloton and dropped on fallen rider. Speed not a factor. I expect there will be plenty of jumping to conclusions, though.

  • Jeffrey Swainhart

    Prayers to all involved, family, the peloton and the moto driver.
    The list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_professional_cyclists_who_died_during_a_race

  • Geoff Ross

    Its quite difficult to recover from death.

    RIP, it is happening all to often.

  • Chris

    Motos! Not again. Hope he recovers quickly. UCI have you taken note?