The Licensed Taxi Driver Association launches a High Court motion in an attempt to stop the construction of the east-west superhighway in London


Despite the fact that it’s already being built, London’s black cab drivers have launched a High Court challenge to the cycle superhighway, which runs along Victoria Embankment.

The Licensed Taxi Driver Association says the segregated cycle path is already causing serious disruption to traffic in the capital.

They also claim that Mayor Boris Johnson is rushing the project through as a ‘last hurrah’ before he leaves office in May.

LTDA general secretary Steve McNamara told London24 the scheme is not the right one for London, adding: “Boris is implementing this scheme as quickly as he can before he leaves office at the end of April. It is being rushed through as his last hurrah.

“We don’t actually disagree that there should be a scheme, but we want to get the right scheme for London. The one being built is not right for our 24-hour city.

“There is evidence that it is sucking the lifeblood of London, causing traffic jams, with hundreds stuck bumper to bumper, poisoning everybody else with pollution.”

The LTDA’s lawyers argue that Transport for London should have sought planning permission before beginning the work on the east-west superhighway, which runs between Lancaster Gate and Tower Hill.

Work has already begun on the route, which offers cyclist a substantially segregated, two-lane cycle way across the city, with the route expected to be complete by summer 2016.

  • The Awakening

    IMHO, the trouble with this action by the Black Cab Taxi Drivers, is that it will be like scoring an own goal. Londons Black Cabs will be promoting the cycle link, via their own ‘bad publicity machine’ and it will generate a negativity towards them.

  • ummm…

    they feel bad because they are spewing pollution, and the best way is to make it harder for people to cycle, exercise and reduce their physical and carbon footprint? special interests gotta lobby nah mean?

  • J1

    Ideal, but unrealistic unfortunately. It would be amazing to have that. Not that I live anywhere near London, but I feel for the cyclists from in and around there.

  • Gazzaputt

    Did I read that right. It’s the cyclists fault for the pollution levels in central London? Not then those 1000s of dirty diesel engines that black cabs use? Moron.

    Two things cabbies hate cyclists and Boris and they can try and hit both with this worthless challenge.

    Days are numbered for these narrow minded fools I hope.

  • WolfgangGuderian

    These outdated cabs are the biggest polluters next to buses…

  • Andrew Bairsto

    I hope motorised traffic in central London is banned completely.