The cyclist shouted abuse about the motorist's driving before returning to the car and breaking the key in the ignition, police say

Avon and Somerset Police are searching for a cyclist who snapped a motorist’s key in the ignition after an altercation on Worle High Street.

According to the Bristol Post, the cyclist approached the car and made abusive comments about the man’s driving.

He then went on to ride slowly in front of the car before getting off his bike near the Woodspring pub.

The cyclist then went back to the car and broke the key in the ignition and cycled away.

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PC Gary Tester told the Post: “There were a number of people in the street at the time, both pedestrians and other drivers, and I’d be keen to hear from anyone who saw the incident. I would ask the cyclist involved to come forward and explain his actions.”

The cyclist was described as a white man, aged about 50, wearing an orange high-visibility jacket, shorts, a cycle helmet and black boots.

Anyone with any information which could help police enquiries is asked to contact officers through or by calling 101, quoting reference 5478/15.

  • 1LelaG

    This is the result of prioritizing driving at the expense of all other modes of transportation. Drivers and police officers should be taught a lesson on mobility, not on moving cars, bulldozing everybody in their wake. Charge the driver for being a menace on the road. The cyclist? he had enough of this crap…

  • Brian P. Smith

    Now that IS a great way to retaliate. 🙂

  • Phil

    Thanks for cheering me up, that tickled me pink!

  • Phil

    Thanks for cheering me up, that tickled me pink!

  • tzut

    The same thing happened to me a while ago. I could have been seriously injured or dead and the driver didn’t even slow down. I would have killed him if I’d had the chance. That would have been yobbish too. Not as yobbish as breaking off someone’s key though. Vandalising other people’s property is really yobbish.

  • Mark Jones

    No point making any conclusions without the full story and both parties’ opinions.

  • Peter Marlow

    Brilliant – the best laugh I’ve had all day! Thanks Ian.

  • I was knocked off by a woman in a snazzy sports car in Majorca many years ago. There was a lot of traffic and she was stuck at traffic lights. I remounted, chased after her and snatched her key from the ignition. I then threw it into the back of a truck passing the other way. Joy of Joys. Perhaps I am a yob too.

  • Jon

    In case anyone falls for that, the only report online is in the Bristol Post and it mentions his children being in the car but no shotgun. Sounds like bad driving bringing on a spot of road rage, given the verbal abuse before the key snapping.

  • roger

    They missed it out. Along with the bit about the cyclist kicking the car and the driver knocking the cyclist off. Who then duffed up the driver, broke his key off in the ignition and ran off with ghe driver’s wallet. The driver then grabbed a shot gun out out the boot, calmly loaded it, ran after the cyclist and shot at him. Fortunately, the cyclist was too far away and the driver didn’t hit him. The whole story was in The Guardian yesterday.

  • ConcernedofCambridge

    Where does it say the driver threw objects at the cyclist?

  • harry smith

    The driver needs to be caught and charged, no excuse for throwing things at cyclists.

  • tzut