British Cycling is to create a brand new indoor BMX arena and expanded headquarters in Manchester as a result of recent growth in the organisation, and to allow for preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games.

BC will temporarily move out of its current HQ at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester, and create a new office at a nearby business park. The space at the NCC will then be used to host Team GB staff and riders as they build-up to the 2012 Games in London in the adjoining Manchester Velodrome.

As part of the re-vamp, the world’s first indoor BMX arena with 2,000 seats will be built next to the velodrome at the site. Subject to funding, work is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2010, with completion in 2011.

“This temporary move will enable the GB cycling team to expand within the Manchester Velodrome and take full advantage of this superb training facility, aiding athlete preparations for London 2012,” said British Cycling CEO Ian Drake.

“Today we employ over 200 staff and the organisation is continuing to grow as we expand into new areas such as recreational cycling. The move will enable us to meet the needs of our staff and ensure that we can operate effectively until our new offices are built at the heart of the National Cycling Centre

“The National Indoor BMX Centre is yet another ambitious project that will help assert Britain as the number one cycling nation in the world. Its development will be possible thanks to the exceptional support of our partners – Manchester City Council, New East Manchester and Sport England – who share our vision to turn Britain into a cycling nation,” concluded Drake.

All current contact details for British Cycling will remain unchanged.

British Cycling new HQ and BMX centre

The world’s first permanent indoor BMX track

British Cycling new HQ and BMX centre

How the new BMX arena and offices will look after completion in 2011

  • Stuart Hanmer

    There already are local, regional and national BMX events, throughout both Summer and Winter as well as a British Championships event. Manchester already has a top class outdoor track at Platt Fields. We already have world champs. The benefit of an indoor stadium like this will be that training can take place whatever the weather, we will be able to hold international events at anytime of the year (especially “summer”).

    Why not come and have a go? BMX is a sport open to all…

  • Peter

    World class venues = world class riders. Simple as that.

    BMX is a great arm of competitive cycling and one that gave us Sir Chris, Jamie Staff, Robbie McEwen, the list goes on. Events at the new stadium will be huge, I can’t wait to go.

    Thank God SJS isn’t in charge of developing cycle sport in this country.

  • phil

    I’m all for the promotion of cycling but why a purpose built arena in manchester. Why not have the money used to create a bmx championship that can tour the country using existing indoor venues in the same way supercross or arenacross tours america. That way the sport is promoted to a much wider audience instead of a limited few in the manchester area. Then it doesn’t have to be the same track all the time either. That way kids would see cycling take place on their own doorstep and then parents and children could see that cycling really is accessible to them. This also brings added financial input from spectators and competitors to towns/cities where the events take place. If promoting the sport was the real objective, I would have thought this would give more bang for your buck!
    As for mr sjs – take the blinkers off and step out of the 1950s, welcome to the 21st century!

  • Steve

    MR SJS, thank goodness there are level headed people like yourslef holding back the developement of such “stupendous” ideas. You are quite right in the fact that a lot of indoor events could just as easily be held outside but where do you suggest our top athletes train for the 5 or 6 months that our typically British weather renders all outdoor venues useless? You certainly wont find Sir Hoy doing laps of Meadow bank this winter.
    “all people want to see in this country is top-quality road racing, and lots of it”
    I think you’ll find road racing is only enjoyable for people that actually know whats going on. Anyone can appreciate BMX racing, or dare I say even a little mountain biking? Hell, for the past two years we’ve had a handful of Downhill mountian biking world champions but you’ll struggle to find it in the new unless you go looking for it.
    And relax…. sorry I seem to have gone off on one there! What I meant to say was.
    Yay! Indoor BMX!

  • tammy

    yes mr sjs. that is true. all people want to see is road racing. yawn…

    why is it then that at mountain bike and bmx events all over the country, we see hundreds of people turning up to watch?

    the fact is that the UK has a rich cycling tapestry, and each different discipline is popular. not everyone wants to watch road racing, in the same way that not everyone wants to watch xc.

    and what’s the logic in this?: “uncomfortable indoor stadiums, usually at times of the year when outdoor racing is not only possible, but far healthier for all concerned – the staging of the Youth and Junior National Track Champs in the middle of august being the prime example” – it’s the T-R-A-C-K champs…if it were the R-O-A-D champs it would probably not be in a stadium…

    and what stadiums have you been in that are less comfortable than 6 hours on a hard saddle?

    stop being so judgmental and trying broadening your horizons just a little bit…you might find you end up with some friends…

  • Michael Archer

    I am sorry but who says all people want to watch in the UK is top quality road racing? Although I enjoy watching a bit of the tour, I have to say its hardly a great spectator sport. You have a pretty blinkered view of cycling if you have failed to notice the thousands of people who ride BMX, 4x, Downhill and cross country.

    It was fantastic to see BMX in the last olympics, a real spectator sport, I am sure there is also room for Downhill at the olympics. Surely the public would find watching Steve Peat (one of the UKs most succesfull cyclists and current world champ) dodging rocks at 40mph rather than watching a bunch of men chasing an electric bike round a track.

    Think somebody needs to get out of the dark ages.

  • SJS

    Indoor BMX , what a stupendous way to mis-spend money. When will BC learn that all people want to see in this country is top-quality road racing, and lots of it. Instead there seems to be a peculiarly bizarre logic which demands more and more events take place in uncomfortable indoor stadiums, usually at times of the year when outdoor racing is not only possible, but far healthier for all concerned – the staging of the Youth and Junior National Track Champs in the middle of august being the prime example. If BC don’t get the message, I suggest persons there take a look at the DVD of the London ‘Depart’ from 2007