Chris Hoy today launched a scholarship programme to help find his own successor. The triple Olympic champion set out his plans at a press conference in Scone, Perthshire, where the coronations of Scottish Kings used to take place.

Hoy came up with the idea of a scholarship programme some time ago, but after his performances in Beijing he now has the corporate backing to make it a reality.

“I am extremely proud to launch this new project that will put something back into the sport that has given me so much,” said Hoy. “I am excited about finding talented riders, investing in them and developing future Olympic stars. Cycling is a fantastic sport. Green, healthy and fun. I hope this scholarship will, over the next few years, encourage ongoing participation and development of riders.”

Hoy outlined the programme’s intention to find corporate funding to provide essential money to grass-roots cycling. The scholarship has three levels of corporate partner: gold, silver and funding partner. Initially, funds invested will be used to support two young riders to attend the UCI Sprint School in Aigle, Switzerland.

This school is a purpose-built facility that has been used in the development of riders such as Victorian Pendleton. Hoy hopes that the scheme will eventually result in the creation of its own centre, similar to that in Switzerland but based at one of Britain’s velodromes.

Former Scotland and Lions rugby captain Gavin Hastings will take on the role of Patron to the fund.

“As an Olympic, World and Commonwealth Champion, Chris Hoy is one of the all

time greats of cycling,” said Hastings. “As a fellow Scot I am honoured to be involved in the Chris Hoy Scholarship. In time we hope that by spotting talent and supporting aspiring cyclists we will find a successor to this great athlete.

Anyone interested in applying for the scholarship should do so through the website

  • elson kamba

    dear Sir Chris Hoy
    l would like to bring to your attention a draft of my project proposal .What l;m seeking is advice and information you may deem useful for my project be a sucess…
    This is an outline proposal for a tv show called X FACTOR SPORT,along the lines of the current X Factor Entertainment show.the idea is that the show would cover athletic events,and young people involved in athletics, to indentify and encourage athletic and talent, and thereby provide the necessary training and support for young people.
    The scheme is amed at presenting , encouraging and glamorising sport in much the same way as the X Factorshow has for the music and entertainment. Hopefully people who show aptitute and talent for a sport would be encouraged to discover and improve their potential.This hopefully will gain momentum as we prepare for the olympics in 2012 and the commonwealth games in 2014
    The scheme offers many benefits to sport and to individuals involved in sport .It will assist the build up to the games in 2012 and 2014 and can be launched in conjuction with the preparations currently going on.It will attract funding as the benefits are realised, providing a platform for sporting talent ,and also the enterainment value of a competition ,in the same way that the X Factor currently does on tv.People would watch the show ,and vote by telephone .It has the potential to capture the excitement and enthusiasm of young people and the many amateur sportmen and women who would like to develop their abilities and talent ,but have not had the opportunity to work with professional coaches .The scheme would also have the potential to generate considerable capital