Lizzie Armitstead was reinstated as the silver medal winner in the women’s race today after British Cycling President Brian Cookson overruled the decision of the chief commissaire.

Cookson told chief commissaire (Colin Clews) the news Sunday morning, and again had to overrule him in the men’s race after under-23 rider Peter Kennaugh won bronze.

Kennaugh was originally told by Clews that he wouldn’t receive the bronze medal, only to be given exactly that after Cookson, on behalf of the board, decided the rule wasn’t to stand.

It was a popular decision for the spectators, but in a team manager’s meeting the previous evening everyone had agreed that Clews had been correct to enforce the rule in the women’s race, and everyone would accept it in the men’s race.

Clews argued that he was consistently enforcing the rules that others hadn’t in previous years. Speaking to Cycling Weekly, Cookson said that the BC board did have the authority to dictate who was awarded national medals, and that he had discussed the matter with board members, including the chairs of the Commissaires’ Commission and the Road Commission, in making the decision.

See this week’s Cycling Weekly for more on this story.



  • Alan Godding

    Damned if they do…damned if they don’t. Or is British Cycling just damned useless?

  • Mike Jones

    So natural justice prevails … Thank goodness for Cooksen’s common sense. If like Armitstead on Saturday you finish second to World and Olympic Champion Cooke, surely you deserve the silver medal, whatever your age? Not according to the UCI you don’t ! The crowd didn’t understand the decision and booed and heckled the podium. The commentator Huw Porter appeared to take it personally, although it was clearly a reaction to the bizzare UCI ruling. Cooke was gratious on the podium as she announced that she “… wished that Lizzie could have been on the podium with her” and that she “would have liked to have shared the moment with Lizzie who did a fantastic ride today”. Now I just feel sorry and disappointed for those on the podium who were awarded medals which will either be taken from them or changed for a colour not so prestigous …

  • leona

    too right!