This week's cycling quiz puts your knowledge of WorldTour bikes to the test: you might know which team rides which bike, but can you identify the race machines from their silhouette?

The behind the scenes workings of the professional peloton can be almost as interesting as the racing itself, and in some cases often more enthralling than a predictable stage of a less entertaining race.

For proper tech geeks, the machines the riders win stages, conquer cobbles or lose time on can be the things that hold their attention throughout hours and hours of live coverage.

For those of us who watch plenty of cycling and keep up to date with the comings and goings of the WorldTour, we like to think that we can spot a Dura-Ace chainset or a brand new power meter a mile off.

For this week’s cycling quiz there are ten professional race machines to identify, but each one has been reduced to just a silhouette. Using your best knowlegde of stay shapes, downtube angles and bottle cage brands see how many of these pro team bikes you can identify.

Can you identify the WorldTour bike from its silhouette? Time to find out

  • llos25

    Bit of a giveaway wavy forks ,campag equiped,unusual frame tubes.

  • number 7 tricked me – thought it was the lapierre 🙁

  • Sam Henden

    Got the ridley and lapierre wrong, most disappointed.

  • Hernán

    Tech wizard: you could probably identify a bike from its spoke count alone 😉