Answer these very unscientific questions in this week's cycling quiz to find out which kind of cyclist you really are

With Spring finally threatening to make an appearance in between the rain and snow that just doesn’t seem to want to leave, we’re once again setting out to discover which type of cyclist you are.

It’s just for fun, and we’ve put together this cycling quiz to find out just which camp you really fall in to.

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Above all, everyone should ride what they want, dress however they want, and do so as much as humanly possible. But it’s well known that there are different tribes within the wider community that is collectively known as ‘cyclists’.

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Unfortunately, there are fringe elements to the wider collective that shun or actively dislike those they see as different. But there’s no room for that kind of attitude here.

This quiz isn’t about snobbery, finger-pointing or anything that hints at exclusivity – just a light-hearted look at what being a cyclist means to different people.

Have a go at the quiz and let us know on Twitter and Facebook which group you most identify with – and definitely let us know if you think we’ve got you all wrong. Then move away from the keyboard and get back on the bike.

  • Altimis Nuel

    The fair-weather rider

    The slightest chance of rain and you stay at home. Winter riding? Indoors only

    Woo, almost true though!

  • Chris Williams

    Commuter – strange I do not cycle to work!!!! I answered correctly doing 100 or 200kms rides on the weekend and yes I do ride to a set point who serve good coffee (advantage of living here in France).

  • Stevie

    ‘A mile muncher’ runs fairly true. The only question I couldn’t answer properly was the one about the winter bike. I ride a Planet X XLS cross bike and I love it, much softer ride on the wider tyres and it deals with every type of weather. Which kind of helps living in England.

  • ronan carter

    Commuter, I ride a specialized hard rock frame, bare aluminium, surly 1×1 forks, shwalbe big apples, 36 up front 1×8 Shimano drivetrain on avid bb7s, that about sums it up, I prefer to tank it than race it, the aim of the game to me is indestructible!

  • FPCyclist

    My result is commuter. Yep, I agree. I’ve got the road bike but I’m happiest on my Giant commuter. I’ve never had a bike that’s fit me better. Thousands of miles and never a letdown. Any season, any weather.

  • trummy

    Said I was a Cafe rider well I am not I am a Pub rider!

  • ummm…

    During the “what sort of bike are you” quiz I was told I was a btwin; there was another article the same day talking about how useful the btwin was. Today, during the ” what type of cyclist are you” quiz I am told that I’m a commuter; today there is an article about commuters. The question being, is there more than one possible outcome of this quiz?

  • ummm…

    Thats funny. It says I’m a commuter. That is true. I commute everyday via folding bike. However, when I answered the questions I was imagining myself on my road bike. I suppose I’m a commuter at heart.