Sketch artists Broken Toaster TV have put together a parody of a video uploaded to YouTube by a cyclist hoping to catch a driver who passed him 'too close'

It’s a dangerous parody to make, but the guys at Broken Toaster TV have put together a spoof sketch mimicking a cyclist overreacting to a not-so close pass from a van driver.

Social media shaming has become commonplace in all walks of life, including between cyclists and motorists, with YouTube awash with videos of close passes, not-so close passes and irate drivers.

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In a video uploaded a few weeks ago, we saw a cyclist in Reading chase down a car and goad the driver into a confrontation, leading to the driver tumbling head first into the road.

This parody, staring Ben Adams, Andrew Shire and Andy ‘Twigz’ Ranger, sees the cyclist chasing a van, which passes a good two metres away, down several roads, verbally abuse the driver, chase him some more and threaten him with sending the video to the police.

There’s a surprise at the end, so we won’t spoil it for you.

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The video seems to have been taken in the intended spirit on YouTube, with prolific uploader of cycling close passes Dr Morocho posting: “Classic, you even copied my shutter camera effect.”

  • RobTM

    There weren’t any peds injured in the making of the original clip, if you look you’ll see the spoof missed some tricks –

  • dourscot

    Would those be the same pedestrians mangled by cars?

    On, wait, cars never harm anyone.

  • Neilo

    Given that all of is uninteresting it would actually be quite unexhausting. Just record something more exciting over it. E.g. cars driving past. Or a bit of footpath. Or the sky.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    Cyclist dies from exhaustion after trying to edit out all the uninteresting bits of his headcam footage.

  • RobTM

    Reading some of the comments on the original incident, this appears to have been the video they actually watched. They should have had some pedestrians, having to leap out the way of the rage cyclist at the junctions in close shaves