The cyclist was attempting to ride to London, according to police, but was advised to find an alternative route after being escorted off at junction nine

A cyclist has been escorted off a motorway in Hertfordshire as he attempted to ride to London soon after arriving at Luton Airport.

The BBC reports the eastern European man was spotted cycling southbound down the M1 between junctions 10 and nine on Tuesday as he tried to make his way to the capital.

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Beds, Cambs and Herts Road Policing Unit tweeted that the man was “required to find an alternative route” and report that he was given “words of advice” to avoid motorways in the future.

People caught cycling on motorways is a surprisingly common occurrence on these shores, with triathlon star Jonny Brownlee tweeting a picture of the Sri Lankan cycling team riding along the M74 before the Commonwealth Games.

This was soon followed by news of the Bahamas cycling team riding along the M80 the following day.

  • Paul Jakma

    The police escorted him off the perilously dangerous motorway, where the cyclist was exposed to 70 mph flying past just metres away in the next lane as they cycled in the hard shoulder, to the nearest dual-carriageway A-road, where the cyclist could safely cycle… Oh wait….

  • Riggah

    Darwinism in action.