Darryl Gittoes was riding on Commercial Street during prohibited hours when he hit Mary Evans, who died of her injuries

A Droitwich man has been jailed for 12 months for his part in a collision which killed 73-year-old pedestrian Mary Evans in July 2014.

Darryl Gittoes was sentenced at Worcester Crown Court on Monday after pleading guilty to causing bodily harm by wanton or furious driving.

The Droitwich Standard reports that Gittoes took a bike from a scrap metal lorry and proceeded to ride it up and down Commercial Street, where cycling is banned between 10.30am and 4.30pm.

Gittoes was reportedly warned several times for riding up and down the street and the following day he collided with Ms Evans at 3pm on the same street. She fell to the ground and her head hit the ground. She died of her injuries several days later.

Emily Lenham, prosecuting, said: “This case clearly highlights the dangers of riding a cycle in a pedestrian area and the tragic consequences of Mr Gittoes’ actions should serve as a reminder to cyclists to take heed of prohibitions in place within such areas, which are necessary to preserve the safety of pedestrians.

“Our thoughts are today with the family and friends of Mary Evans.”

  • Eh? That’s a bit like saying a stabber is a “cook”, or a shooter is a “hunter”, i.e. nothing like riding a bike is a cyclist.
    You are probably trying to make the distinction between “commuter” and “joyrider”? We don’t usually make a distinction between drivers who kill whilst commuting and those who kill whilst making a delivery or visiting relatives.

  • “does one bad driver give all other drivers a bad name?”
    If you read the comments of cyclists: yes.

  • RE

    Hopefully not, since you wouldn’t have been playing golf.

    I don’t think the problem is with the word “cyclist”, which, by definition can mean anyone who happens to be on a bike, but with people’s tendency to lump other people into rather arbitrary groups onto which they focus a load of unpleasant emotions. Havings said which, I cycle a lot and very rarely have problems with other road users. I make quite a big effort to be courteous and considerate though and ride very defensively when there are other road users around.

  • Smitty

    I think there’s a problem that the word cyclist is used to mean anyone who happens to be on a bike (or occasionally even someone walking with a bike, or even someone who is known to cycle – e.g. “Cyclist Boris Johnson swears at taxi driver”), and is often used very negatively in the popular press. It is tremendously unhelpful and continues to cultivate a ‘them and us’ attitude.
    I don’t play golf at all, but if I were to pinch a golf club out of the nearest sports shop and kill someone by accidentally whacking them on the head with said club while practicing my golf swing in the pedestrian precinct, would the headlines read, “Golfer jailed for 12 months for killing adolescent”?

  • dale

    no disrespect but does one bad driver give all other drivers a bad name? people who brand cyclists all the same are not clever thinking people. so their opinion really matters not.

  • Tony

    Unfortunately, this type of cycling and the cyclist involved is the sort that gives us all a bad name.

  • Nigel Rue

    This guy was riding a bike, but he was not what most of us would call a cyclist. If you get to see the full facts of the case you will see he got off lightly.
    Taking a life while being in control of a vehicle, any vehicle, should be treated a lot more seriously.

  • ian franklin

    They don’t seem to jail drivers who kill cyclists ……