Chris Clay suffered concussion and broken bones after hitting a pothole in Derby and is now trying to claim compensation from the council

An injured cyclist is planning to take legal action against his local council after suffering injuries as a result of hitting a pothole.

Chris Clay, 48, was left with concussion, a broken elbow and a fractured cheekbone after riding into a pothole in the Dalbury Lees area of Derby in March.

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“I was cycling and, then all of a sudden, I went flying,” he told the Derby Telegraph.

“The friend I was with had to call an ambulance and I was taken to hospital. It knocked me out for a while and I had no idea what was going on. I was in great pain and knew this was more than just minor injuries.”

Mr Clay is reportedly working with Slater and Gordon law firm and hopes to claim compensation for his injuries and says he would hate to see someone suffer the same fate, or worse, than him.

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Lawyer Philippa Jones told the Telegraph: “Mr Clay is an experienced cyclist who has suffered significant injuries. Had he fallen in front of a car, this incident could have been far worse.

“There are countless examples of potholes causing very serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

“It is important that all local authorities take the risks posed by poorly maintained roads very seriously and take steps to protect these vulnerable road users.”

  • Justin Waters

    I hit a big pothole 2 1/2 yrs ago, sent me over bars at 28mph, knocking me straight out. Broke my collar bone, two ribs, sternum in two places, trashed my winter bike, clothing wrecked, helmet smashed, and a two week holiday in a great Derby Hospital! Tried to claim for everything, but got naff all, not even a phone call from the council to see if I was ok…. The hole was measured correctly and came up that it needed repairing straight way. They sent a made up letter to my solicitor saying it had been spotted and on the list to do!!!!! The hole was filled in the next day! Still have pain in my shoulders and wrist….good luck with your task!

  • Patrick Murphy

    I think we all agree that potholes need fixing but lets be honest here and say that it’s highly likely the rider wasn’t looking at the road or wasn’t in a good position to see the road ahead. And how do you define what is a pothole and what isn’t? If if was that bl00dy big why didn’t he see it and take avoiding action? People think it’s ok to sue for whatever they can these days not realising that money has to come from somewhere. The payouts will probably mean they can’t afford to fix them and so it goes on.

  • Les Orton

    I do hope he wins. It’s about time something was done to get rid of potholes.