Bill Hockin, director of William C Hockin Transport says HGV drivers are the best on the road, claiming cyclists need training before being allowed on the road

The boss of a North Devon transport company has claimed that HGV drivers are the best road users while cyclists are the worst, saying they are an accident waiting to happen.

Bill Hockin, director of William C Hockin Transport, made his controversial comments to the North Devon Journal, saying that cyclists need to undergo compulsory training.

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“They need educating,” he said. “If a 44-tonne lorry is indicating left and a cyclist decides to skip past on the truck’s inside, the cyclist is going to be dead.

“There’s no use blaming the HGV driver – cyclists need to stay back. If you can’t see the driver’s mirrors he can’t see you.”

He added: “Whenever a cyclist is run over by a lorry, the driver gets blamed, which is wrong.

“HGV drivers are the best users of the road – cyclists are the worst.”

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The manager of a Devon bike shop echoed Mr Hockin’s calls for cycle training, claiming some riders are too aggressive on the road.

“A lot of cyclists don’t help themselves,” said Michael Parker of Carb Cycles. “Some cyclists are aggressive and think they own the road, in the same way some drivers drive too fast and too close to cyclists.”


    Mr. Bill Hocking- your HGV’s kill people and that’s a fact.
    I ride my bike in London every day – HGV’s don’t often check when changing lanes, drive way too fast and ignore anything smaller then them. They don’t only kill cyclists. What about the family in Buckinghamshire? One off? Not really.
    Drivers need better training, HGV’s need updating, we need a better cycling infrastructure. Pointing fingers does’t help anyone so please don’t blame cyclists because we don’t want to die and I’ve been to far to many Vigil’s and die in’s this year.
    I don’t understand why dangerous vehicles with reduced visibility and drivers with no imagination are allowed on public roads.

  • JorgenVan

    I grew up with this guys son. Killed himself with heroin. Not sure I’d want to take advice from that sort of father.

  • I agree with the notion that some cyclists do not help themselves, or the image of cycling. Any training for cyclists who wish to take to the public road has to be beneficial to all road users. On the flipside, I learnt to drive age 17, and my instructress, who was also an examiner of other driving instructors, commented on my very high situational road awareness. By that time I had been cycle commuting to school and work for over 5 years. A coincidence? NOPE! With regard to the ‘willy waving’ comments about who are the best road users, the only comment I can make is that the other users who I have NEVER been ‘cut up’ by, are cyclists and motor cyclists. Reet, got that off my chest! Proprietor, Deez Cycles TM, Aberdeen.

  • Shaun The Penguin

    I was hit off my bike when I was 17 under the same circumstances in a hit-and-run incident (this was in the evening when no one was around). I’m 19 now and cycle 25 miles a day on my commute and in terms of passing lorries I am very wary. I tend to try not to overtake anyway, I don’t mind travelling a bit slower if I have to and I certainly wouldn’t want to take my chances with anything that could crush me like a lorry can. It’s very harsh of this guy to claim that we’re the problem though, people should always be on the look out for cyclists and when a cyclist is hit it just proves to me that the driver lacks in concentration and is a dangerous person.
    At the end of the day, cyclists should not be sharing the roads with the lorries and other large vehicles – the fact that we lack basic cycle paths in this country is embarrassing.

  • Wiltsbandit

    On the whole I would agree that HGV drivers are very good and considerate. However, like not all cyclists are good/bad, not all HGV drivers share the same consideration for other road users. On one commute to work whilst riding up th A303 an HGV driver travelling in the opposite direction shouted out his window “get off the f*****g road” why? Others overtake with no consideration for on-coming traffic then have to pull in sharply, almost catching the cyclist with the rear end of the truck. So no, I would not say HGV drivers are the best, but nor are cyclists always the best users of the roads. Each user group have good and bad and none can claim to be the best group.

  • Robert Sutherland

    The mistake he makes is that he assumes that cyclists only ride bikes. They don’t. The majority that I know drive cars, too.

  • Gav Patterson

    To say HGV drivers are the best and cyclists are the worst road users is ridiculous. He doesn’t know me or what sort of road user I am. No surprise he is the boss of a transport company. Bias maybe?

  • David Chadderton

    As a cyclist, I have only one road rule: ‘My personal safety’.

    No point in me blaming someone else, the Council, the Government or whoever, after death. Public roads and bike paths are always a danger, so care is paramount. I might have to slow down a bit sometimes. I often take avoiding action. I prefer being a live coward rather than a dead hero. Ok, I might get cleaned up by an errant vehicle driver even when I am careful.

    When I want to go ‘fast’, I go ride the velodrome and fortunately have one in my town, free to use and outdoors, yes that is rare. Also, my ‘fast’ is not really very.

  • Gary Jogela

    Fair enough that.

  • Gary Jogela

    Fair enough

  • hailpantani

    No – been racing and riding for more than a few years. I’m certainly not any more indestructible than any other cyclist and never said I was. I’ve been knocked off my bike 3 times by drivers exiting side roads ‘without seeing me’. Two were prosecuted. And I regularly clean the side of cars that come too close to me. Personally, I think that lorry and car drivers should have to ride a bike for a few days to see what we have to put up with. But I also think riders who are new to the game need advice as to what they need to do to avoid accidents. And this means sometimes giving way even when you’re in the right – it’s no use being right when you’re under the wheels of a motor vehicle.

  • The Bolton Bullet

    Along with private hire taxis.

  • John Smith

    Approaching 3000 people killed pa by vehicles and its the cyclists fault
    Another transport boss on manoeuvres

  • Jon

    I wouldn’t describe the HGV driver leaning on his horn while overtaking us on a 2 lane country road the other day as one of the best drivers on the road. He seemed to be a nasty piece of work with little or no understanding of the highway code.

  • Gary Jogela

    Been on a few bike rides which makes you indestructible eh?the people that give least consideration to cyclists are old people who are too cautious to drive near the white line in the centre of the road so therefore they force the cyclist into the gutter.

  • hailpantani

    Would be interesting to see how many accidents involve cyclists new to the road. There has been a big upsurge but people late to the game have to learn roadcraft and some of them learn the hard way unfortunately.