Competition now closed: We asked you to tell us what you thought Britain's new pro team should be wearing in 2010


What should Team Sky’s 2010 jersey look like?

The new British pro team hits the road next year and we want you, Cycling Weekly readers, to design the jersey you think they should wear.

It’s just for fun, but there’ll be a prize for the best design, and another for the one that makes us laugh the most. We’ll also send the best ones on to team boss Dave Brailsford and ask him what he thinks.

So get creative, either with crayons and paper, or with a sophisticated computer programme, and send your design to, attached to the email as a .jpg file.

We’ve included a Sky logo to drag onto your desktop to include on the jersey.

There are no rules except keep it clean. Remember, Alexandre Vinokourov’s interpretation of tasteful jersey design was to include a big picture of his own face, so let your imagination run wild. We’ll publish the designs on this page as they come in…

Thank you for all your entries. The competition is now closed.

sky jersey, team sky, british pro team

The jersey the Sky+HD track team wore last winter, featuring Sky’s corporate colours 

sky logo, sky team, team sky, british pro team

The Sky logo, this must be included somewhere in your design (colour optional)


Entry number 1


sky jersey, team sky, british pro team

Entry number one comes from Matthew Betts of London. He says; “The team is called Sky, so the sky blue colour seemed obvious. My dad has a Campagnolo jersey with a white stripe across the chest which I really like, so I basically copied this. The stripes around the edges of the shirt are meant to give it a bit of a modern feel and mimic the Sky+ HD shirt.”

“I feel the smaller logos look classier and more refined than big ones plastered across many of the shirts. Finally I’m fed up of watching TV coverage and not being able to identify the riders – I have no idea why teams don’t do this but I’d really like Sky to be the first pro team to put the riders names of the back of their shirts.”


Entry number 2

sky jersey, team sky, british pro team


Jacob Lage has sent this image through of what he thinks the Team Sky jersey should look like. We’ll have more details on it soon.

Entry number 3

sky jersey, team sky, british pro team


Entry number three is from Anthony Derrick. He says; “I chose the red colour because it would stand out, and white because it is clean and goes well with the kit.”

Entry number 4

sky jersey, team sky, british pro team

This design comes from Peter O’Hanlon who says; “On the black there are stars set against the night ‘Sky’ with a setting sun against a blue ‘Sky’. The sky logo is also shaded from blue to black. The black and blue skies represent the Sky company, its services, corporate image and coverage.”

“The stars could be used to attract individual sponsors who can have their name or company logo set within the star – just keep adding new stars as you gain more sponsors. You could increase the sales of the shirts by selling them to individuals who could have their names set in one of the stars. The shorts are a patriotic red, white and blue.”

Entry number 5

sky jersey, team sky, british pro team


By Kevin Dakin who says; “Sometimes, simple is best. A mate of mine once said to me of jersey design, ‘can you see it from the helicopter?’ I would have stuck the logos ‘SIS’ on the sleeves and the ‘’ in smaller areas on cuff edges or side panels. Logos attached are simply one’s that BC have a relationship with, some speculative, but easily removed.”


Entry number 6


sky jersey, team sky, british pro team


This one from Scott Gasser. “To celebrate the fact we finally have a British Pro Team, I decided to incorporate a red white and blue colour scheme. The jersey is predominately white representing a clean image for a clean team. This white is also great for keeping the riders cool and the ideal canvas to highlight Sky’s ‘Believe in better’ tag line. ‘Believe in better’ is also a great tag line for the pro cycling team, to always strive for better in all they do, to achieve results. I also de


cided to add a little fun to the jersey, by popping a Sky+HD remote control in the back pocket to compliment the Sky+HD branding down the side of the jersey.”

Entry number 7


sky jersey, team sky, british pro team

This one from Luke Pickering. “Stars like you get in the sky. Sleeve design ripped off


from your new website. Union Jack on the collar as it’s a British setup. I wanted to put the “Believe in Better” strapline in there but I didn’t have time.”

Entry number 8

sky jersey, team sky, british pro team


Robotic entry number eight comes from Murry Toms. He says; “There’s no real thought process which has gone into my design, only that through my association with a local charity, namely Cyclists Fighting Cancer (, I have seen some pretty superhuman efforts by cyclists, and all in a good cause. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the cycling fraternity, whether a local biker is making the trip from Lands End to John O’Groats to make a small difference to someone else’s life, or if it’s a member of the elite powering up Mont Ventoux. With a bit of luck my design reflects this.”




Entry number 9


Rasmus and William, Sky jersey

William and Rasmus from Denmark have come up with a very strong jersey: “We wanted to hit the design of the very well-made Sky HD+ jersey, but still get something a little more classic jersey design out of it. This jersey is far from simple, but we do like some a little more complicated jerseys e.g. the Astana jersey or the Katusha one. We’ve implanted some Adidas stripes as well as there is in the Sky HD+ jersey, but not too much though – just on the shoulders. As Sky as the big sponsor of the team, we implanted basically Sky logos at every availabe spot of the jersey, so Sky can get the best out of their fantastic investment. Please also notice the detail of the mix between the slogan of Sky, Believe in Better and the british cycling association: Believe in Better British Cycling.”

Entry number 10


Chris Silbernagel Sky jersey


Chris Silbernagel hails from Chicago, Illinois, and submitted this clean-looking design with subtle Sky logos in the background.


Entry number 11

Murdoch sky jersey


Dave Simms from Weymouth has come up with this very eye(brow)-catching design featuring the face of Sky supremo Rupert Murdoch. “In between Twittering what I ate for breakfast and what I was about to cook for lunch, I came up with this design,” says Simms. “I tried to catch the zeitgeist of Sky, using the juxtaposition of Murdoch’s countenance and a simple yet hard-hitting message: Rupe 4 Ever. Without Murdoch, there would be no Sky, and therefore no cycling team. It’s both anodyne and amorphous and several other words I read in the Guardian this morning.” Thanks Dave. We think.


Entry number 12

Durbin Sky jersey


James Durbin from San Diego has opted for a design incorporating a background texture picture based on photos of galaxies. “I’ve tried to keep it simple, but I would like to introduce a little red as a highlight for team logos and such,” says James.


Entry number 13

Gillies Sky team jersey
The next jersey design comes from Charles Gillies, Glasgow. “”I tried to keep the design simple because I believe that simple jerseys are the most stylish and the most effective at giving the sponsor the exposure they want,” says Charles.

“The jersey is white representing a clean image for a clean team. This white is also great for keeping the riders cool and makes the colours black, red and blue stand out. I chose the colours red and blue to highlight the nationality of the team, and I wanted to use the motto ‘believe in better’ as I thought it was quite appropriate for a cycling team striving to achieve their best!”

Entry number 14

Barnett Sky team jersey
Next is Tim Barnett, who sent in this colourful design. “This idea is based on the yellow from the sun’s aura being the chase for the yellow jersey, the Sky logo always makes me marvel at space and planet earth,” Tim says. “The red forms the subliminal red white and blue of UK. I’ve also added small Union Jacks to celebrate the first British team to go for the Tour de France since 1987.”

Entry number 15


sky jersey, design a jersey for team sky, team sky




The latest entry comes from Tiago Cassiano

Entry number 16

sky jersey, team sky, design a jersey for team sky

An absolute cracker from Peter, we’re thinking of getting him to design the next batch of Cycling Weekly kit. He says; “Well it all seems to be getting too serious so I thought this design may lighten the mood! Unlike football you there doesn’t seem to be a shirt for the armchair cyclist, this could be it.”

“It features a Sky dish and a free Sky box. The traditional rear pockets have moved to the front so that the sportsman, sorry or sports girl, can have their tinnies to hand! Plus lots of other features. Oh, you are going to ask me where the logo goes – I don’t know, there isn’t enough room.”

Entry number 17

Sky jersey, James Durbin


James Durbin (who also sent in number 12) has emailed in another, alternative design for the jersey.


Entry number 18

Eduardo Ataide Sky jersey

Eduardo Ataide from Brazil sent in this clean design. “This shirt design was inspired by British flag,” says Eduardo. “I’ve chosen its colours and put them to work as the base. Graphics follow the shirt’s sewing lines. The crosslines come in to give a different texture.”

Entry number 19

Martin Street Sky jersey


Martin Street from Kent has sent us this design. “I wanted to recognise the essential British-ness of the team, whilst not alienating the inevitable non-Brit riders,” says Martin. “There’s a nod to the Union Flag in the colours and design and if Adidas make it, it’ll fit in nicely with both the England cricket team’s One Day kits and the GB Athletics team’s garb.”

Entry number 20

team sky, sky team, jersey, sky jersey


A third and final entry from James Durbin of San Diego features the British flag in his design.

Entry number 21

team sky jersey


This entry from Christopher Bone, who says; “I wanted to give it not only an eye catching, but also a very patriotic design. The basis of this being the red, white and blue design of the jersey, with the union jack on the shoulders, making it extremely distinctive from the helicopter, therefore making it easier to see our sky team boys amongst the peleton.”

“Naturally the biggest sponsor logo is the sky one, also in red and blue, outlined against the white of the jersey. There is also the key placement of british cycling on the rear of the jersey, at the bottom, in order to promote the important role of british cylcing in the cycling world. Cant wait to see the actual final design for the sky team jersey hitting the roads and most importantly winning stages around the world.”

Let us know what you think of the designs and what you think the jersey should look like in the comments section below.

  • Arnel Bilbao

    not so good but interesting!Your designs so amazing,new and perfect!!!!!!

  • jonas

    i like entry no. 15

  • HENRY V.

    My favorit is Nr. 15 before Nr.17….! Coming soon !!!

  • chill

    the number 15 is beautifull but i prefere the track jersey.
    black and blue for the winter and white and blue for the summer.

  • Norrie

    Design 17 for me – (or 12 by the same designer). I like his style – and he’s got the bike marque right (probably a late entry!). Don’t go for the ‘Union Flag’ approach but red, white, blue is OK. But when are we going to see the real thing? – I want to get kitted out for next season and Christmas is nearly here!!

  • Mara

    Number 15 is perfect!

  • Sam

    Definitely number 11. A concise and crisp design with good lines and an interesting design.

  • ingrid

    Cute, the one from Brazil!!

  • Donnie

    I love the number 15. it’s both bold and fresh. Very good.

  • Victor Becker

    I’d most like number 15, because it not shows only a great desing, but it shows the real emotion, the fan of their job, it shows the love of cycle sport, it shows the love of all cyclists to keep doing it! WOW!

  • Diego Garcia

    I liked the number 15, is the most modern in my opinion. Congratulations, it’s very good!

  • Elaine

    The entry #15 is very well designed! And it looks like more confortable and problaby it´ll help to the athlete’s moviments. The propose of desing is to be clean, useful, and functional.

  • Rene

    I liked the number 15 very much

  • Isabel

    The design 15? the most complete both the color and design.

  • Pamela Vital

    Number 15, THE BEST!!!

  • Pamela Vital

    Number 15, THE BEST!

  • Fernando Servilha

    I liked the number 15
    the best of all !

  • Jucelio

    the great number 15…wonderful design!!!

  • Antonio Carlos Pereira

    My preference is the number 15. This model is the one to draw the entire set.
    Simple, full visibility and very professional design. Certainly you will get success in bicycle races in the world.

  • Sandra Cerutti

    Number 15 is perfect!

  • Kev

    Some great designs, the robot one is certainly unique!
    a few appear to be “discovery inspired” a bit too closely, and could do with more vivid colour.
    Although i used a Giant logo when i scribbled up my design, i should have stuck with the Pinarello logo……
    Imitation is a form of flattery….

  • Cedeia

    I very liked design 15!!!!!!!!!!!Perfect.

  • Isabel

    design of 15 tiago cme, is the most complete for the colors and the gradient.

  • Alessandro Pires

    I think 15 is the best, best, best

  • eduardo gazella

    The number 15 is the best.

  • Ricardo Gava

    I like the number 15. the best model and the most beautyfull one!

  • Ferio

    #15 I like the sponsors space “sky” sides

  • renato

    “I really liked the number 15”

  • Isabel

    design of 15 tiago cme, is the most complete for the colors and the gradient.

  • roger

    nº 15 é o que de todos esta bem mais resolvido em design, contastes e valorização para patrocinio!

  • Cesar Fuentes

    the number 15

  • Rachel

    I think #14 is the best so far – a professional, clean look, with an original look and not too busy (as some of the others are for me). You’d certainly be able to spot a SKY rider quickly and easily in this top from with the pelaton. I also think it would be a big seller for those that like to purchase cycle tops.

  • Jelle

    Well, #14 is clearly the most magnificent thing over here, but mind the originality: Discovery Channel, 2007, anybody?
    Also, #4 and #11 are the most eye-catching on this page, but they’re way too hard to turn into a real, well visible jersey. In this case, I’d rather prefer something like #9 or #12.

  • Tiago Cassiano

    Hello, I sent my design, but has not yet been posted on the site.

  • E

    You’re all nuts how can number 4 not be your favourite? What matters above all the rest of the criteria is how eye catching and cool the shirt looks, forget the message it’s trying to send or the rider numbers on the back. What people relate to is something which stands out and number 4 certainly does.

  • Ehren

    #10 is my favorite.

  • alisa

    Definitely No.11! Everyone should love this jersey!

  • ed

    Design 11 is where it’s at! Surely this shirt alone would be enough to tempt Wiggins and Cav to the team.

  • AndyB

    They are all interesting but Shirt 14 is the clear winner.
    It is very striking and looks clean, powerful and British with plent of Sky branding. Please don’t go the way of the London 2012 logo. Shirt 14 is superb.

  • sascha

    no other than 11! this would be (in many ways) a revolution on the cycle race scene!

  • Michael MACE


  • Sean Riley

    I like the no 6 design,it is a british team,it is classic & I think the shorts should be white,with red & blue trimmings carrying on from the trimmings on the jersey,this would look cool in my view,we could then change it to blue with red & white trimmings as an alternative kit for when Sky ride outside of europe,like an away kit.

  • Jazz Ryan

    I like entry No 10, its the right colour for SKY,nice and simple and it
    would look realy classy with a few more logo,s on it. I also like the idea
    of putting riders names on the back

  • Murry Toms

    I thought my robot jersey was easily the winner until I saw Luke Pickering’s post-modern masterpiece; entry number 7.

    So good is his design in fact, that I feel compelled to suggest a title.

    Might I offer, “Symphony In Purple and better than Tomsy’s effort”?


    Murry Toms.

  • Luke Pickering

    Love the robot shirt!

  • Sean YD

    In the U.S., Toyota-United had its riders’ names on the jersey backs (2006-2008) and Jelly Belly and Rock Racing currently do the same.

  • jeff hopkins

    the bottom one looks far too much like an american flag!

  • Dave

    Love the retro look of number 1, the rider name is a great touch too. Not sure about on the sunburst placement of number 4…

  • Matt

    Didn’t Mercantone Uno have riders names on the back of the shirts a few years back????

  • Chris

    Where’s my entry?

  • Alex

    I think the sky logo needs to be bigger, but I think it’s a great idea about putting the rider’s names on the back of the jersey.

  • Peter

    I’m not sure the retro look really works for a pro team jersey but I really like the idea of the riders’ names on the back.

  • Wendy Parkinson

    I like the design and the colour, though somehow I suspect the sponsors are going to want a much bigger ‘Sky’ on there.

    But I do think Matthew’s idea of putting the riders’ names on the shirts is a good one. It would make identifying the riders a lot easier.