Andrew Irish appears in court after losing control of his car on a corner in Lancashire, hitting and killing cyclist Daniel Richmond

A driver who lost control of his car on a corner and killed a cyclist riding on the other side of the road has denied causing death by dangerous driving.

Andrew Irish, 38, was driving near Euxton, Lancashire, in April 2014 when he collided with cyclist Daniel Richmond, 35. Richmond was riding with his friend, Matthew Abbott, at the time.

Irish appears to have hit the corner at too high a speed, losing control of his Audi S3 and travelling on the other side of the road, where he hit Richmond as he rode in the opposite direction. Abbott was uninjured.

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Irish pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of causing death by careless driving at Liverpool Crown Court. He maintains that a blue car was travelling closely behind him before the incident, causing him to be distracted and increase his speed, according to the Lancashire Evening Post.

Richmond was pronounced dead at the scene, and it was reported that the impact was so severe that Richmond’s bicycle was catapulted over the side of a bridge and onto the M6 motorway below.

  • burttthebike

    So this mysterious blue car just disappeared and the driver didn’t stop? Yeah, right.

  • J1

    Audi S3, enough said. The imaginary blue car shouldn’t have affected his driving in anyway, you don’t focus on what’s behind, you check periodically but your attention should obviously be the way you’re going, especially if you’re being a c**t and driving faster than you can handle.

    Everybody should have to learn how to ride a bike (properly, in a structured official way) and they might just become better drivers.

    I like the fact that there’s more and more cyclists around, it forces drivers to be slightly more aware and to expect to encounter some when they’re on the road. Sometimes it’s just sh*t driving that ruins everything, like in this case.

  • Bill W

    Life time ban on driving and make walking or a bicycle his only approved form of transportation. No buses or cabs.

  • SAD that the Judiciary will reflect on their OWN experiences of ” TailGating ” and give some latitude to this INEPT driver ! Slowing down , whilst SOME would regard as an incorrect behaviour , is MY choice of behaviour ! It allows the following CRETIN an opportunity to pass more quickly , but , they will then go onto Harrass another vehicle with possibly unfortunate results !

  • Jwiffle

    Someone tailgates me, I slow down. That 2 feet of space between his front bumper and my rear bumper will take 2 second if I go slow enough.

  • Steve Kennedy

    Sometimes I am less shocked by the crime, than by the lengths people go to, to try and get away with it.

  • Howard Crompton

    You were my college friend Dan, you were riding along having just started your ride. You were meant to go home to your wife and child. Not be killed by a dangerous driver. If you’d left home 2mins later you’d still be with us. You were one of the worlds genuine guys. Sorely missed and I hope the justice system does you proud. It shouldn’t have happened to you.

  • hailpantani

    Shocking. No excuse for this.

  • Ian Carter

    He shouldn’t be on the road if cars behind him have so much effect on his ability to drive a car. I had cars tailgating me last week when I was driving down country lanes in the dark and the ground was damp, I was being careful but I didn’t increase my speed because they were there behind me – you ignore them and if they want to go faster, they can overtake you.

  • Runawaygeek

    What a Joke, he clearly lost control from driving too fast. Moron. Life long ban for that idiot and a massive fine and 1000 hours of community service focused on Cycling and Road safety.

  • Mike Williams

    An Audi S series driver would never ever be driving too fast…had to increase his speed to avoid mystery blue car is the lamest excuse ever. Of course he will probably get away with it.