Warning: this video contains A LOT of swearing

A driver in the Richmond area of London has reportedly voluntarily attended a police station after a cyclist recorded an incident of road rage on a bike-mounted camera.

The cyclist was making his way along Priory Lane towards Richmond Park on March 14 when the Land Rover driver attempted to make a close pass. When the cyclist shouted “come on” the driver can be heard shouting abuse back before forcing the rider towards the kerb.

Having stopped his vehicle, the driver then marches round the car to the cyclist and shouts at him to get on the pavement, where there is a two-way cycle path.

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The cyclists rather enthusiastically screams back at the driver, pointing out he has the legal right to cycle on the road, with a volley of expletives being traded by both parties.

The driver makes to go back to his vehicle but instead starts shouting at other cyclists who had stopped to check out the situation on the other side of the road. After more provocation from the original cyclist the motorist comes back round to the back of the car claiming the rider had punched his car.

When the driver threatens to punch and kill the cyclists, the rider asks why he hasn’t done so. The driver replied: “because there’s a witness, otherwise I’d break your f*cking neck.”

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The rider, who uploaded the video to YouTube on May 30, says the driver was fined for a public order offence, but the Richmond and Twickenham Times report that the driver attended a police station but was not arrested and enquiries are continuing.

Priory Lane is popular with cyclists, being one of the main routes to Richmond Park. The cycle lane on the pavement has proved not to be too popular with riders due to the need to give way to cars turning into side roads and the poor condition of the surface.

  • The Awakening

    Tom Elworthy,

    Jason Wells has apologized and this is reportedly what has said; “I would like to apologise for any offence caused,” he said. “My behaviour was unacceptable and regardless of the situation, I shouldn’t react like that.

    “I fully appreciate that cyclists have as much right to the road as any other road users.”

    It is refreshing when somebody finally admits to what they have done, was actually wrong.

  • Smith_90125

    Impound and crush the vehicle. And if it’s legal to do it, with the driver inside.

  • simon peacock

    I would have felt threatened enough by his actions to simply put this horrible man on his arse. A total bully who had probably sized the cyclist up before deciding to jump out of his car.

  • Wayne Smith

    Ah, the personal attacks start – good one, Mr. Keyboard Warrior. Perhaps you should wear cotton pants instead of velvet as your spuds would be able to breath more and it may improve your mood somewhat.

    The first noise that you can clearly hear (I’m guessing you’ve seen the whole version that starts well before the black Land Rover overtakes) is a hollow “thunk”. Clearly the cyclist hitting the car rather than vice versa which quickly escalates the whole situation. Yes the car passed too close and forced the cyclist to brake, I’m not denying that. I’m saying that the idiot cyclist started the “afters” with his punch of the car, followed by some pretty obnoxious verbal abuse. I’m not suprised the car driver overreacted (although he went a far bit further than any sane person would have done). Perhaps a quick swear and an international hand signal from the cyclist would have been enough? That’s all I do to drivers who do stupid things.

    I’ve tried to introduce a little bit of balance here, but I’m not surprised to see people such as yourself only seeing one side of this. The video is all about the tirade that comes from Mr. Wells, but I am showing an alternative view to yours concerning what started this. It takes two to tango in my opinion.

    So perhaps, Mr. SweatySpuds, you should leave your lycra-clad Power Ranger wannabe subjective views to one side, watch it again, objectively, and tell me if anything I have said is untrue. The driver is a prat. The cyclist is just as big a prat. If you can’t see any of that, well, you’re a prat, old chap.

  • TheVelvetUnderpants

    Congrats on being the biggest prat on the discussion forum Wayne, well done old chap. You should try watching it again with at least one eye open next time. Let me know when you’ve learned something but until then I look forward to more of your inane observations, comments and pithy remarks.

  • Barclays Johnson

    It not about being inconvenienced by cars- have you actually seen the cycle lane in question? It’s a couple of white lines along a pavement, which breaks every time there’s a side road or driveway (which is quite frequently). It’s on the other side of the road so you have to cross traffic to get to it. Cycling along what is essentially a pavement puts pedestrians at risk, and the surface is not designed for bikes which is dangerous and increases the likelihood of getting punctures.

    I agree there’s no need to ride 2 or 3 abreast, that is selfish on a busy road in normal circumstances. But when there are irrational aggressive idiots around like the one in the video, riding two abreast is a good defensive riding technique to make the cyclist slightly less vulnerable.

  • James

    To be fair there was a cycle lane

  • Wayne Smith

    Try watching it again with your other eye open. You may learn something.

  • TheVelvetUnderpants

    Where do you see a punch and where do you see any damage? All you notice is that the wing mirror has folded in slightly which is just as likely to have occurred from the driver recklessly pulling across the cyclist into the kerb. Your quoting of the 1971 Act includes lawful excuse which would apply here as the vehicle is being used as a tool to endanger by a person issuing threats.
    The best part of this is seeing a small, podgy balding man dressed up like a gimp criticising the cyclist’s clothing.
    Surgeon heal thyself.

  • Nick Harman

    Too much caffeine I suppose.

  • Wayne Smith

    Give yourself an uppercut.

  • Wayne Smith

    I think you’re being a bit moronic, Roger.

    By section 1(1) of the Act: A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property belonging to another, intending to destroy or damage any such property, or being reckless as to whether any such property would be destroyed or damaged shall be guilty of an offence.

    Maybe that clears things up?

  • @chivers67

    Tom the camera is mounted on the bike which is why the cyclist keeps raising the bike to capture the driver on camera.

  • Robbi


  • Roger

    What was damaged? Since when is it illegal to punch a car?

  • Wayne Smith

    Maybe you should watch it again with your other eye open, Robbi

  • Wayne Smith

    Maybe the prat of a cyclist will think to not punch the wing mirror of a car next time. That pillock should be charged with criminal damage.

  • Wayne Smith

    You’re a prat

  • Barclays Johnson

    Entirely agree, and poor choice of words on my part. The driver’s actions were totally unjustifiable.

  • Clarke Aaron

    this is all started by the driver, passing he cyclist and forcing his way back in, secondly, driver points out cycle lane which is a 2 way path for peds and cyclist, however the cycle lane is actually against the law, no bicycle can be ridden on a pubic foot path,. thirdly bicycles do not have horns nor he means to create awareness, so there for cyclist have to use there voice or means of contact to let driver know of the presence.

  • RH

    No, the police haven’t got time for that. They’re too busy booking cyclists in Richmond Park.

  • Reg Bungaloyd

    Crikey! I really hope nobody takes it upon themselves to run a key down the side of that chap’s car (LB10SFJ).

  • Roger

    After the driver nearly killed him, then threatened to kill him.

  • Roger

    I think you are wrong.The bloke’s argument is not flawed; it is a non-argument. He endangered someone’s life and then threatened to kill him. That kind of behaviour is unjustifiable, and the state of the cycle lane is totally irrelevant.

  • Richard Dewsbery

    If the car is so close that the cyclist can hit it with his fist, IT’S TOO DAMN CLOSE.

  • lustra

    The motorist endangered the cyclist. To suggest that cyclists should react with the same equanimity as the motorists who endanger them is rather glib.

  • Choddo

    I’m pretty sure that was a combination of defence and using it as a particularly cumbersome camera rig, but it probably did come across as quite threatening.

  • Choddo

    It was interesting reading his interview today – he seems suitably sheepish about his own over-reaction. Noone comes out of this in a particularly good light.

  • Simon Roger Johnson

    The motorist is a clear danger to other road users. He used his car to impose his opinion. I trust the police are interested in protecting citizens put at risk in this way.

  • AWPJ

    Wayne agreed the cyclist was no angel but who would be when some muppet tried to kill you with a 2 tonne truck!! I cycle regularly, stop at red light and obey the rules of the road etc and the number of times i nearly get knocked off and have been knocked off is scary, Car drivers (not all) forget that we have no protection other than a small helmet and our wits. I have cycle form John o groats to land end twice and the number of times you can be pedaling along in single file and someone trys to squeeze past you as you are only a bike is just not right. Other one is car coming towards you another car decides that they will over take as its ok its only a cyclist they can move out of the way!! to where oh yes the hedge.

    Drivers (i do over 30k pa in my car) need educating as do many cyclists

  • Andy Ball

    I cycle that route twice-daily and there is no way I’d use the cycle lane coming the other way, you’ve got to cross over the road if coming from Putney and then when the cycle lane stops halfway you’d have to cross back over and be on the road anyway! Ha! The road can’t be widened, so best thing to do is to change the speed limit to 20mph, same as the park. Also, they could do with relaying that road as some of the potholes have to be avoided!

    Those massive cars are just no conducive at all. They’re as large as vans but driven like they are cars.

  • Tom Elworthy

    Listen I appreciate everyone’s hatred of 4x4s, it’s shared. However you have had selective viewing of the video – because it not clear from it what has happened.

    Assault is intentional threatening behaviour of any kind. Accidents happen. As you say, this is what happens when idiots collide. Accidents are not assault. FTAOD, the cyclist did not collide with the car – HE HIT THE CAR WITH HIS FIST, he was punching the car mirror as it past at around 30 seconds in. It doesn’t happen on camera. The car DOES NOT hit HIM. The driver is going to want to stop to inspect the car.

    – It is factually correct that the verbal personal abuse started from the cyclist, not the driver at 34 seconds to 40 seconds in. The driver was swearing but it was not personal and was directing his hand to the cycling lane. If you use language towards someone, you are going to rile them up especially having been in an accident. Whoever is in the wrong, if you start being abusive first, then you are definitely in the wrong.

    – “but maybe I’m just missing it” – as are most. He *seems* to kick the car when the driver gets back it around 2.05, but it may well be that the driver has just discovered the earlier damage – in any case the cyclist ADMITS to hitting the car. It’s not just hitting the car again. It’s the physical assault – pushing albeit light and touching from both cyclists. If someone merely touches you, that’s assault. Again, it’s really not clear because some of it happens off camera, but it all happens after 2.06.

    – At one point the cyclist raises the bike over his head and threatens to hit the driver with it, and actually motions repeatedly to hit him when he comes forward. EVERY single person has missed this because YOU CAN’T SEE IT on the video. Other by looking at the reflection and the angle of the camera lift as he raises the bike, you could watch it 100 times and be none the wiser.

    Other people have noted that the cyclist is playing up for the video. He makes videos about drivers regularly, he knows how to play for the camera. Whilst you hear his abusive language, you don’t see everything.

  • Robbi

    You do realise he actually hit the cyclist with the car don’t you, I take it that is where your assault and criminal damage charge is aimed, right?

  • Robbi

    How can the cyclist be infront of the car but also colliding with it? People need to get a serious grip. If a car hits a slower car in front of it it is ALWAYS the driver to the rears fault. Driving without due care and attention. Some people are foolish

  • Robbi

    Just so you know. If something is difficult to pass on the road its the party that is behinds responsibility to pass in a safe and reasonable manner. Not in the middle of a roundabout. When a car, truck, van, bus or BICYCLE is on the road they are all to be treated in the same manner. Read your highway code and get off your soapbox before you make a fool of yourself further.

  • NikTheGeek

    Not defending the landrover driver, but the cyclist should also have been done for public order as you can see the reflection of him in the back of the car, picking his bike up over his head and threatening the driver with it!!

  • Gary Jogela

    I like it when I’m out on my bike and rub shoulders with a car that has a “child on board” sticker in the back window.i may be 56 but I’m someone’s child also.

  • Tom Jeffs

    It isn’t a purpose built cycle route. It’s a pavement with a few lines of paint on it. It was never designed for cycling and it remains completely unsafe and impractical. That’s why nobody uses it.

  • NitroFan

    What a lout I hope the cyclists of west london boycott the places his business partner must be absolutly delighted with all the negative publicity it has made the front page of the Daily Mail Web site!

  • Andrew Johnston

    I think they could both benefit from reading “The Art Of Happiness” by Dalai Lama. It also works on anger and how to turn that into compassion. The Land Rover chaps wife could have just left him, or the cyclist could have been knocked off his bike 3 days beforehand, therefore is on hyper alert, so will over react to the situation. If you can treat anger with compassion it stops situations spiraling out of control. Great life skill to learn by both involved.

  • lustra

    It is not “good practice” to use inconvenient and badly designed cycle infrastructure. It is nothing to do with any motorist what route a cyclist takes just as it is nothing to do with a cyclist whether a motorist uses the motorway or not. I would be interested to know just how many miles you cycle each year.

  • NitroFan

    I have been hit by cars three times in four years on Londons roads on each occasion the driver involved has behaved like a complete tool! It is scary I can completly uinderstand the guy on the bikes reaction I do not think he helped his case but I do understand it. But this lout came out his vehicle spoiling for a fight watch the clip and see.

  • Mark J Hannington

    I’ve had similar experiences on numerous occasions… and this is in relatively sleepy Dorset!

  • KarlRoche

    No cycle lanes or paths are compulsory in the UK.

  • KarlRoche

    Think he was watching a different video from the one everyone else saw.

  • KarlRoche

    “the cyclists were travelling at a distance & speed that made them both difficult to pass whilst holding up motorised road users.” It’s a road, not a race track. All road users have equal priority on the road, none has a superior right over others. They were all cycling totally legally. The driver on the other hand was looking for a fight, that was obvious by his instant reaction.

  • hailpantani


  • Pedro Nogo

    cars often do drive down cycle lanes* and/or park in them – what’s your point?
    * by “cycle lane” I mean poorly designed afterthought (ie sone paint on a road)

  • beenzrgud

    What’s the driver wearing. Looks like it could be a gimp outfit.

  • As a cyclist and driver in equal measure, I have considered this from both points of view.

    The driver behaves terribly, there is no argument there, but the cyclist comes across as one of those folk who does all they can to inflame a situation inorder to protest ‘cyclist rights’
    I imagine his newly created youtube account will soon become filled with such videos, as such he isn’t so good an ambassador for cycling.

    As I said, I have a foot in both camps though spend more time on 2 wheels than 4, yet I still get annoyed at cyclists on a far more regular basis than drivers, many just don’t have a clue, put themselves in dangerous positions, then rail on the driver because there is a near miss.

    Both camps need to respect each other.

  • Kyle

    What a spin you put on it.. “The cyclist nearly collided with the vehicle”. I guess if car driver runs onto a sidewalk and takes out a pedestrian, you’d say that the pedestrian ‘collided with the vehicle’ ?

    Quit blaming the victim…

  • 2rivers

    – Pretty sure the mirror was hit when the driver sideswiped the cyclist. The driver chose to steer his vehicle into the cyclist, so of course there was a contact. The driver hopped out of his vehicle when he noticed the collapsed side mirror.
    – The cyclist’s opening line was “come on” which is clearly audible in the video. Driver responded by going apeshit, cutting the cyclist off, stopping and hopping out of his car. I don’t really care what language is used after a driver intentionally cuts off or hits a cyclist (or pedestrian for that matter). You assault somebody, and continue to engage, you are the aggressor and pretty much looking for a fight.
    – i can’t see or hear the cyclist hitting the car in the video after the car is stopped, but maybe I’m just missing it.
    – This is what happens when two idiots collide.

    Don’t road rage. People have been seriously hurt and even killed in road rage fights.

  • harry smith

    It’s a shared-use path, can’t you see the pedestrians?

  • ummm…

    What language did the cyclist use besides “watch out”? Also you seem to neglect that he didn’t pass with 3 feet to spare then used his vehicle to block the cyclists. If I was in a car and somebody cut me off, then used his car to block me when he was upset with my discomfort I’d probably not feel so sheepish in puffing my chest out a bit as well.

  • ummm…

    I’m not familiar with UK law, but is using a shared use path compulsory? If you are operating a vehicle (bike) then you do have a right to be on the road. There were many cyclists doing this. Getting buzzed by a car with less than 3 feet and letting the driver know your discomfort does not then make it ok to be blocked by said car and then be accosted by an angry driver. If we are going to use “man law” to right this situation then that driver should have gotten knocked out the moment he opened his trap. Nobody asked him to get out of his vehicle and ask for a scrap. Somebody could have given him what he was asking for and still be on parody with the idiocy that the driver displayd. Even stevens.

  • Tom Elworthy

    It’s a cycle lane. Not using it isn’t a crime. Assault and criminal damage is.

  • Tom Elworthy

    It is good practice to use the cycling lane, but that is really not the issue. If there was an issue involving a potential collision, they should have both behaved civilly.
    – The cyclist nearly collided with the vehicle and the cyclist, not the driver, was hurling audible verbal *personal* abuse (which I’m not sure I can actually repeat in this comments section) which is vile and riles up the driver.
    – When the driver gets out and points to the cycling lane the cyclist starts calling the driver dirty names and specifically female genitalia – deliberately riling up and provoking the driver.
    – Both cyclists end up prodding and pushing the driver. Which is assault. Threatening behaviour. The driver’s bark was clearly worse than his bite and clearly, unlike the cyclists, had no appetite for one.
    – As the driver started to leave, the cyclist deliberately hit his car. You can’t see it on camera. The cyclist moves the camera away from the angle from which he hits the car because he doesn’t want it captured. When confronted about it repeatedly, the cyclist a) doesn’t deny it and b) eventually admits to it – did you hit my car? well you tried to run me off the road. If he hadn’t, he could had said he hadn’t. The driver obviously felt it.
    – The cyclist angling for a fight pushes the driver again.

    So the issue is not about a cycle lane. It’s did the cyclist initially use personal abuse language riling up the driver? did he hit the driver’s car? he he hit it again? did he make physical contact with the driver?

    I would found it hard to keep a cool head in the circumstances. Both cyclists would have ended on the pavement. By the way, I both cycle and drive.

  • Marc Soloff

    Why is Simon Pegg so angry? Btw… can’t understand a word of this video

  • harry smith

    I seriously hope you don’t drive, you are pig-ignorant about road traffic law. There is no cycle lane there. It’s a shred-use path. How come the drivers most eager to dole out advice usually haven’t a clue what they’re on about?

  • lustra

    Cycle Lanes. Use of cycle lanes is not compulsory and will depend on your experience and skills, but they can make your journey safer.

  • Tom Elworthy

    Firstly, the cyclist is in the wrong – there is a cycle lane, he should use it. Second, I can see from the video that the car was hit. Also both cyclists repeatedly touched and pushed the man. That is assault. Had I been the driver, I would have physically retaliated. I am a bigger man than the man on the video; I would have choked both men out. Dragged their bodies to the pavement. And then calmly called the police. Quite frankly the majority of cyclists on a cyclist blog perpetuate the stereotype that cyclists are khunts. Good luck to you all.

  • lustra

    Highway Code 63
    Cycle Lanes. Use of cycle lanes is not compulsory and will depend on your experience and skills, but they can make your journey safer.

  • mlp

    The cyclist made the situation far worse by continuing to scream & shout. I actually kind of side with the driver – the cyclists were travelling at a distance & speed that made them both difficult to pass whilst holding up motorised road users. This frustration is added to when there is a purpose built cycle route immediately adjacent that the cyclists were failing to use. If there’s a cycle lane provided, cyclists should use it – or does this form another part of cyclists selective use of the highway code, like pavements and red lights? What would be said if the cars drove down the cycle lane instead?

  • Would be better to come in the restaurant..and remind him that cyclist are ALSO humans like him in his 2.5 tonnes SUV

    S.U.V. in english is “Sport Utility Vehicle”…in french it means “Sans Utilité Véritable”…translate in english “Don’t Need It” mostly around Richmond Park!

  • receiving a shock from the left mirror in the head cause many more injuries…that’s why I supposed he escalated the situation…as an “exemple” for others drivers, due every year in UK it’s more than 700 bicycle riders kill on the road!!!

  • Wayne Wilkie…do you imagine the weight of the Land Rover Discovery and the weight of the bicycle…

    It’s almost the same confrontation between a LR Discovery and a Sherman WWII Tank!!!

  • Choddo

    Violence begets violence brother. I’ve been given grief going along that road – I had no idea what they were talking about but now it seems obvious. When will councils and drivers realise that crappy cycle lanes that don’t get priority over side roads are never going to get used?

  • DrVBoom

    He nearly got run off the road. Motorists aren’t the only ones who lose the plot. Cyclist, motorist… they’re both human. Don’t demonise the cyclist for being deliberately threatened by a 4000 lb vehicle w/ a nut driver.

  • DrVBoom

    Mr. Wells is the owner of Brew, a chain of gastro pubs in London. Won’t be going there anytime soon. The man needs anger management counselling, among other things. A stint in jail wouldn’t hurt. He’s certainly got an issue about cyclists.
    Mr Wells isn’t the only person who can lose the plot. While I don’t condone the cyclists reaction, I certainly understand it. He’s the one who was nearly run off the road then confronted by a enraged madman with a two ton weapon that he didn’t mind using.
    He deserves all the infamy he gets.

  • Barclays Johnson

    The cyclist was put in danger by the driver cutting him up- so I can understand him being angry when the driver launched his torrent of abuse. The driver’s main argument is flawed- cycle lanes such as the one on priory lane are sticking plaster solutions to road safety- most cyclists would rather not have to stop to give way at every side turning that crosses the cycle route. In my view they are intended as optional lanes for cyclists who want a bit more protection from road traffic, and who don’t mind it taking a lot longer to get to wherever they’re going!

  • hailpantani

    I agree the cyclist threw petrol on the fire. But …. consider the following. He was cut up dangerously. He said quite reasonably ‘Come on’ – and was instantly answered with a volley of aggressive abuse. If someone nearly knocked me off my bike and then immediately, and for no reason, compounded the action with violent abuse, I’m pretty sure I’d have replied in like manner. And, of course, the cyclist didn’t break the law by driving dangerously close to the rider in the first place – the driver did..

  • @chivers67

    Think he was frightened & intimidated by the car getting too close but shouting like that at each other gets you nowhere

  • @chivers67

    Don’t think he’d appreciate any cyclists turning up to eat at his restaurant, shall we all boycott it!

  • Wayne Wilkie

    The cyclist was an angel? They’re both adults and after watching this, I had the urge to give them both a slap in the head. What kind of example are they setting for the next generation?

  • Wayne Wilkie

    It seems to me that the cyclist escalated this situation rapidily with his own barrage of foul abuse. Why continue to yell at the motorist? Shut your mouth and ride on!

  • James Rider

    Wonder if that profile picture was taken moments after he decapitated a cyclist with that cleaver…

  • Dan

    This wonderful chap is called Jason Wells and can be found here @brewwells

  • hailpantani

    I’m stunned. This driver needs to be put in prison. His driving was dangerous – and his manner afterwards was atrocious.