The police are urging a rider to come forward after footage shows a van driver apparently knocking a cyclist off his bike and then punching him

A video has emerged on social media of a cyclist being run over and then punched — and Essex Police have asked the unknown victim to contact them so they can investigate.

The video, which has the datestamp of December 12, 2014, was reportedly deleted by its original uploader, but has reemerged on YouTube and Twitter, with @EssexPoliceUK tagged in the tweets.

In the video, shot by the rider’s helmet-mounted camera, the white van can be seen overtaking the cyclist at a safe distance, but the cyclist then dangerously moves back past the van on the inside when it slows down to let a lorry turn.

The rider proceeds to look round at the van driver who again overtakes, but this time swerves sharply to the left, knocking the rider to the ground.

Immediately, the driver emerges from the van to inspect any damage done to the back of his vehicle, resulting in a scuffle. The video then shows the driver landing a full right-hook on the cyclist, knocking him to the floor, before pulling him back to his feet.

Essex Police have asked for the victim to contact them on 101 so the matter can be investigated.

  • Serious Starsider

    It doesn’t matter who is at fault for the accident. It’s quite evident who is at fault for the assault. IT shouldn’t be too hard to catch that scumbag and lock him in a cage where he belongs.

  • old911guy

    even if the van driver isn’t criminally charged, his employer might not want someone like that representing them on the roads of Essex.

  • Someone who uses their vehicle as a weapon is a violent criminal bully. There is no excuse for driving like that. Apparently you think bullying people because you are more dangerous is acceptable behavior. It isn’t.

  • While I agree that the cyclist should not have passed the driver at that intersection, that does not in any way excuse the driver for intentionally moving left on the cyclist. The driver knew exactly what he was doing and didn’t care that he was endangering another human being with his vehicle. He was playing bumper cars with a bicyclist. He deserves jail just for that. Then he gets out and assaults the cyclists with his fists. He deserves jail for that too.

    He should also lose his driver’s license for life. There is no place on the roads for drivers who use their cars as weapons against vulnerable road users.

  • RushMireSlogger

    I think the cyclist must have insulted the Pope’s mother.

  • geo

    google the company it dosnt exist never has done hes a fly by night him and the dude with him , no payments of tax nothing ,the van today will have a diffrent number and name on it all done for £150 simple ,he wont get sacked because hes his own boss, hes scum ,,

  • ben

    Totally agree with you but being a daily cyclist/ commuter myself a lesson to all cyclists thats how you get seriously injured or killed trying to undertake on the inside of the road unless there is a marked cycle lane with a solid white line dont bother bike vs Car will always end in one way injury or death. I feel both of them were at fault.

  • Jason Brogden

    Your statement above is incorrect;

    “In the video, shot by the rider’s helmet-mounted camera, the white van can be seen overtaking the cyclist at a safe distance, but the cyclist then dangerously moves back past the van on the inside when it slows down to let a lorry turn.”

    At time stamp 0:50 mins, you can clearly see the van’s (NC56 FMP) brake lights illuminated as they come into camera view and the vehicle slowing as there is a hazard ahead. The lorry infront was turning and had not completed its turn.
    The van driver was unable to complete an overtaking maneuver (section 162 of the Highway Code)

    It is my opinion, the driver of NC56 FMP committed several driving offenses and then preceded to commit and act of Common Assault.
    The driver should lose his license and receive a custodial sentence.

    I hope the cyclist is not deterred by this event and is making a full recovery

  • Phil Lee

    People have been prosecuted for assault even when it was consensual – so no “victim” could be persuaded to complain.
    That was a very high profile case.
    ANYONE witnessing a crime can report it, and in fact, is technically obliged to (because not doing so can be regarded as aiding and abetting the offender).

  • Patrick O’Rielley

    What a great bunch of investigators… I am able to clearly see the plate numbers on the van as well as a name of a company, besides showing his face and then being on film hitting the cyclist, the police have no need of the cyclist coming forward since they have all the information to press assault charges forthwith on the van driver.

  • complicitmsm

    Try putting your glasses on next time.

  • complicitmsm

    There needs to be a victim to report the crime first. You make a complaint and see how far it gets you.

  • complicitmsm

    Stuart you got it all twisted the wrong way, try watching it again whilst being straight next time.

    The van driver is at fault all the way and I don’t even ride push bikes.

  • Alan_Peery

    The driver clearly left-hooked the bicyclist. That is illegal. He then followed it up with assault.

    No, you wouldn’t pass a driving test. Or apparently an ettiquette test either, if you think a beating was deserved.

  • alifjeld

    Hope this Taylor guy is sacked for inflicting very poor PR to the company! This kind of behavior is not welcome even if you hate cycling yourself! One can not let the frustration poor over like that.

  • Ribble

    Jason Statham has fallen on hard times, or its an outtake from Transporter 4

  • jonathan polley

    Well, I guess Taylor landscapes won’t get too much work from cyclists in future.

  • Phil Lee

    None required, as Dangerous driving is indictable (and therefore arrestable without warrant).

  • Phil Lee

    No they don’t.
    Victims have no special status in English Law – they are just witnesses.
    As is anyone who has viewed this video.

  • Pierre Avignon

    A guy who knocks me like that would be easily found in a hospital, no police warrant needed.

  • yenrod

    Who said anything about passing a driving test – not me, you brought it up. If this plant pot on the bike didnt go forward i wouldnt be sat up at 12.03 am typing this #ivebetterthingstodowithmylife than discuss some jerk who cant navigate the roads properly = the cyclist !

  • harry smith

    You reckon you’d pass your driving test if you drove like that? You’re deluded. The conflict was engineered by the driver.

  • yenrod

    You don’t look for trouble on the roads and go pros cause more probs than they solve and we cyclists suffer for it – since they’ve been on YT the ambience on the road has got worse not better ! think about it! The cyclist is not always right, but should always be respected, like any road user!

  • yenrod

    A driving test is not the issue here. I point it all out in my 2nd post. The cyclist goes on when they shouldn’t. Ive rode for 30yrs – 6000mls last’, the cyclists wrong and gets a beating: JERK

  • harry smith

    Give way? The cyclist has priority, if anything his positioning is too timid, at no stage does the van complete the overtake, which is far too close. May I ask if you’ve taken a driving test? If you seriously think the cyclist is in the wrong I’d recommend some additional driver training.

  • Ali89

    No they don’t. They can prosecute without the victim’s consent if they want to.

  • yenrod

    Yes really, this has nothing to do with a poor cyclist, it’s the jerk on the mtb who didn’t give way – then lights the touch paper by telling the guy to get off the phone, yes thats wrong BUT builder – dont mess with them! THE CYCLIST IS IN THE WRONG ! makes the problem and has a scrap: for what reason – for thinking he was in the right and a funny inflammatory comment… #jerk

  • harry smith

    Not really. The van is indicating as it overtakes, a dumb move but then the thug driver was busy playing with his phone.

  • yenrod

    From what I could see its the cyclist who should’ve give way to the van..

  • Scott Bennett

    they need the victim to press charges for the assault

  • dottigirl

    From personal experience, the police are probably only interested as they have found out the van driver is a person of interest, one
    they’d like to arrest anyway.

  • jonnystone

    Stuart Clarke – Have a closer look at the video! It looks like while the van driver did initially pass with plenty of room, he was on the phone, and rather than hanging back behind the cyclist to allow the truck to turn left he overtook then had the break for the left turning truck, poor driving. As such the cyclist did end up going up the inside, which I agree was a dumb move, but equally it might have meant having to break quite hard to prevent happening. It would appear he then has a go at the driver for unlawfully using his phone and then the can driver knocks him off and assaults him. Also, why do the Police need the victim to arrest the guy?

  • wingsoptional

    but the cyclist then dangerously moves back past the van …
    Really? So you saying the cyclist is at fault?