An inquest into the death of cyclist Andrew Wolfindale in Coventry heard that the driver did not realise he had hit a rider until four hours after the incident

The family of a cyclist who died near Coventry’s Tollbar Island in January say they do not blame the driver of the lorry that hit him for his death.

Andrew Wolfindale, 35, died after being struck by the lorry on the evening of January 6 as he cycled home from work. An inquest into the incident heard that the driver, Victor Weatherhead, did not know that he had hit the cyclist until he was phoned by his manager four hours later.

Mr Wolfindale was treated at the scene but later died of his injuries at University Hospital.

“The lights must have changed and there was a gap. I checked the mirror a couple of times. I saw nothing at all,” Mr Weatherhead told the inquest, as reported by the Coventry Telegraph, adding: “I didn’t feel or see anything.”

Mr Wolfindale’s father, Brett, told the paper: “I felt for [the driver]. It was a terrible shock for us. It’s obvious that he didn’t know and he was upset. We have faith that has helped us and given us reassurance. It’s good that the assistant coroner can improve standards where he can.”

  • avlowe

    If the roads authority (or Highways England) depending on who has responsibility have produced an objective and non judgemental report (which the roads authority is required by law to produce) let us see it, published on-line to see how it addresses the learning points which must clearly exist to make sense of what happened to a) cause the collision and b) why it was apparently possible for the truck driver to kill a cyclist and smash up a bike without noticing anything at all? – Not even a sound? (were the cab windows all closed, was the radio on, was the engine too noisy?) Did the design of road, the timings for the traffic signals, even the light conditions have relevance as causal factors?

  • David Dry

    People just can’t resist a bit of internet trolling

  • John Westwell

    Don’t you think that comment is in poor taste?

  • boboposter

    Oh boohoo… lorry haters will now storm the cyclists family demanding they get angry.