The 2010 Giro d’Italia starts in Amsterdam but race organizers are also working on start in Washington DC, with New York as another possible start for the corsa rosa.

Race director Angelo Zomegnan considered starting the 2009 Giro in the US after he convinced Lance Armstrong to ride. Now he has revealed that Washington DC has shown formal interest in hosting the start thanks to Mayor Adrian Fenty, who is reported to be a big cycling fan.

“We’ve been thinking about a start in America for some time but now there’s real interest from Washington,” Zomegnan told Wednesday’s Gazzetta dello Sport during the presentation of an art exhibition celebrating the centenary of the Giro d’Italia.
A Grand Tour has never started outside of Europe but the Tour de France has considered a start in Montreal and has had requests from Guadalupe and Japan.

The Giro has started outside of Italy eight times but Zomegnan is working hard on raising the international profile of the race.

He has already told Cycling Weekly he would like to see the Giro start in Britain following the success of British riders and the arrival of Sky as a major team sponsor.

The 2010 Giro starts with a time trial in the centre of Amsterdam and then two other stages starting in the Dutch capital.

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  • Bandage

    I have nothing against the idea, but just how would it work. Start the Giro a week early couple of stages then back to Italia for the proper start a week later because of time difference and lag etc.

  • Sean Riley

    I think that New York would be a great idea,it would give al those Italian Americans a chance to see,feel & enjoy a Grand tour in it’s correct light,it would also give them a sense of identity,it would also help take the sport to another level in the Usa.
    London would also be a great stage too,especially after the 07 tour prologue stage,it was fantastic,I can still see the memories in my mind,as clear as they were yesterday,that would also give the Italians in London a feeling of not being left out or forgotten.

  • geoff gartrell

    What stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The jet lag will make it into a 4 weeks tour

  • ken evans

    The Vuelta started in Holland this year,
    and look what a disaster that turned out to be !

  • septic skeptic

    What nonsense. The Giro is a fantastic for so many reasons but not least because its in Italy. In my view one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

    America would be appaling for the riders – that long flight, the jet lag etc etc.

    I don’t really like the non Italian starts at all – but america, come on?