New Zealand driver posts video of expletive-laden rant at a group of cyclists


We are aware that a certain faction of motorists are not particularly big fans of cyclists but this woman from New Zealand takes it to a whole new level.

She is following a group of four cyclists down a fairly wide road when she inexplicably launches into a tirade that includes the phrases: “Oh my God, do you even know how to ride a f***ing bike”, “they wonder why they get f***ing hit” and the absolute gem, “do you even human?!”.

To be honest, we’re not sure what her problem is, if you look at the GPS figures in the bottom right hand corner of the screen you can see the group were setting a cracking pace topping out at about 60 kph, and she is able to easily overtake them as soon as the road ahead is clear.

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This video is equal parts hilarious and terrifying as the driver, known on YouTube as Samanthapants, spews death threats with abandon. When she was challenged about her language in the comments section she simply said: “thanks for caring but out the car I am different person I would never hit them I just say stupid stuff”… well that makes us feel much safer!

  • John Westwell

    It still is, but you have to pay for it.

  • Gazzaputt

    Christ someone seriously needs a sexlife or counselling.

  • Andy

    Good point. Yes, a while ago. Anytime before it went online.

  • RobTM

    Yeah… all the Kiwi’s I have known seemed so laid back 🙂
    As an example of driver ignorance, it’s quite well done

  • ummm…

    Well thats what I was asking. It seemed that there was no gutter on that road. Additionally where they already going at the speed limit? Like I said I would have moved over, but are they REQUIRED to in that situation or is it a judgement call. In the end all she had to do was wait 30 or so seconds and probably less if the car in front was SLIGHTLY less sheepish.

  • Tim Ott-Jones

    She should not be allowed to drive………. Like to she how she would cope driving in London.

  • Ciaran Carroll

    This isn’t her only video displaying her appauling driving, check our her YouTube channel and don’t forget to let her know she’s a moron.

  • Michael

    Not really. Single file doesn’t make sense for groups. The main factor for overtaking a group is its length not its width. Riding 2 abreast minimises the length whilst still keeping inside the lane.

    That said these guys are flying downhill at speed so they need to be spaced out to give each other room. At this speed there’s no real need to overtake them at all.

    The notion that bad drivers have that cyclists should hug the kerb comes from them overtaking too closely in the same lane. This is dangerous and cyclists should be encouraged to ride in the lane in a way that prevents this dangerous and impatient behaviour.

    If you want to overtake someone then you should wait for a gap and use the other side of the road. As someone that drives occasionally I’ve never found this difficult to do.

  • Anthony Jackson

    I dont get her anger….. I thought UK drivers were like this because ‘we’ have lost perspective of the good things in life. And rush around like maniacs…all increasing our stress levels, I have recently been to NZ, and I can see how regular life can be a bit stressful, but from my 3 weeks experience of Chirstchurch and beyond, the UK is a pressure cooker compared NZ…….. This girl needs help, and maybe look around once in a while……. or at least come to the UK

  • Giles Hine

    Yep, that was what I took from it. Completely bizarre (but effective) clickbait

  • Hone Horo

    She needed a gap of 6 feet to overtake. lol

  • Henz

    Shes young clearly inexperienced when it comes
    to certain driving situations,couple safe passing manoeuvres missed video proves it. Typical panic reaction.

  • Michael

    It’s just someone trolling for youtube hits.

    The anger is clearly not real. I’d call it badly acted although from some of the reactions people are falling for it.

  • Rob King

    From the NZ Road Code for Cyclists:

    “Road rules state that road users should keep as ‘near as practicable’ to the left side of the roadway. This means that you should keep left, but not to the extent that it compromises your safety.”

  • Rob King

    Bro, New Zealand drivers don’t even get along with normal driving.

  • errol_day

    Does anyone remember when CW was a serious publication? I know it was a long time ago.

  • disqus_TOYiKe

    These cyclists were staying to the outside edge of the lane quite reasonably and safely, as well as staying in single file except for a brief pass on a turn, which is when any trailing vehicles should not pass due to limited visibility of oncoming traffic. Experienced road cyclists know these are the best practices to minimize inconvenience for motorists, and they implemented them well in this video. 50+ kph is not any kind of indication of riding in a non-sharing or unfriendly manner.

  • ummm…

    I would have moved over, but are cyclists required to get out of the way if they are going 60kph in a single lane road with no gutter?

  • Cyclosaurus-rex

    I struggle to believe this is real. She basically hits peak anger as soon as she sees the cyclists, her monologue sounds very forced like bad acting, its a complete overreaction (although it wouldn’t be the first time) and she actually passes them fairly safely and with none of the abuse you’d expect someone that angry to make. It seems like a petty attempted at going viral and having a few minutes of fame.

  • Adam

    Probably don’t need to say too much more about that nutter, but yet again the cyclists weren’t exactly helping themselves by weaving and changing position without looking what was behind.

  • Kent Hutchins

    Your typical white trash bogan motorist down here in NZ. I’d say she’d been hitting the P pipe all morning.

  • Bob

    Yep, out of the car she’s a different person. Just stay out of the car, lady. Unfortunately New Zealand’s drivers don’t always get it with road cycling. I’m right now embarrassed to say I’m also a Kiwi.