Astana rider Jakob Fuglsang says he could take the UCI to court to cover loss of income if Astana's WorldTour licence is revoked


Jakob Fuglsang says Astana riders are ready to take the UCI to court if the Kazakh squad is stripped of its WorldTour status by the Licence Commission.

The UCI recommended that Astana’s licence should be taken away after an audit conducted by the Institute of Sport Sciences of the University of Lausanne threw up questions about the team’s management and practices.

But Fuglsang told Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet that he may have to go to court to recover lost income if the team is suspendend.

“I have not done anything wrong, so if UCI take my job away from me, so I think it ends up in a lawsuit,” he said.

“If the team loses its license, it is likely that our sponsors withdraw, as they probably will not sponsor a team without access to the big races.

“Then us riders will suddenly be in a situation where we are from one day to the other without work.

“If that happens, then I expect a lawsuit from all the riders’ side against UCI, as it is the UCI which has taken away our work, and it’s up to the UCI to cover our losses.”

  • Eric Prot

    … a member of a sports team suing his governing body for enforcing its rules?… meanwhile back on planet earth …

  • Anton Vowl

    You can be sure that Astana management is encouraging their riders to make these asinine threats.

  • Hovis

    If a business loses a big contract and people get made redundant then they can’t sue the customer. Though cycling employment is not typical, I can’t see that they’d have a case. It’s their employer ie. the Astana team that is at fault and can’t provide them with work.

  • Texas Roadhouse

    Maybe taking legal action against those responsible for the present situation would be more appropriate?