Jason White refused to submit a sample to UK Anti-Doping testers after an event on September 28


Cyclist Jason White has received a two-year ban from UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) for refusing to take part in a drug test in September.

UKAD attempted to test White, who finished first in the British Cycling rankings in 2011, at the conclusion of the Richardsons-Trek Road Team Road Race on September 28, but the rider refused to provide a sample.

White took part in a recorded interview with UKAD representatives in October, where he admitted he had refused, without compelling justification, to participate in the test.

He also admitted to committing an Anti-Doping Rule Violation contrary to Article 2.3.

Under Article 2.3, White will now be ineligible to compete for two years – the standard length for a first offence – starting on November 12, 2014.

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UKAD confirmed to Cycling Weekly that the rider in question finished third in the September race, with White’s BC registration number also correlating to that held by the authority.

White took third place in the UCI World Masters Championships Scratch Race, in the 40-44 age group, in October, while his only win in 2014 came at March’s Wally Gimber Trophy.

Before White, the most recent British cyclist to receive a ban was former Team Sky rider Jonathan Tiernan-Locke, who was hit with a two-year suspension in September.

When CW tried to contact White’s team earlier today, Clay Cross Road Team, the rider was not available for comment.

  • Jack Wolffe

    DS would have been under a provisional ban from 12th March 2014 (the date of the issue of Notice of Charge)

  • Whele

    I only just read about this following a reference In another CW article, what a prize plonker. I am quiet shocked that someone who earns their living from the cycling trade would do this.

    Maybe the time has come to increase the penalty, it seems the threat of a 2 year ban is not sufficient to stop riders taking the risk. Case in point is the soft sentencing of Dan Stevens, although the refused test was January 2014, the appeal was heard in September 2015 and if CW are to be believed, he is returning to racing in November 2015. No wonder we now have amatures doping to win!

  • Olymp

    Yeah, it is the Jason White from Essex. However, this column has changed since the story first broke. At that time it said that the Jason White involved was 37 and it was unclear whether it was the former pro from Essex. My point is that if it hadn’t been him, and I’m saddened that it is, his reputation would have been tarnished. Journalists should be careful to get their facts straight first and they clearly didn’t in this case.

  • jps

    Err… it IS the Jason White from Essex?

  • netballstar

    too old in the tooth

  • Tony

    Infers he had something to hide or he’s just plain dumb.

  • Olymp

    Implicating the Jason White from Essex is irresponsible journalism. Get the facts first before muddying someone’s reputation.

  • orangestreak

    National B Road Race, really?