Lance Armstrong expresses disgust via Twitter at UCI's statement on Michael Boogerd's doping ban

Lance Armstrong has publicly aired his dismay at the Union Cycliste Internationale‘s decision to give Michael Boogerd a two-year ban from cycling for doping infringements, calling it ‘pure bullshit’.

Armstrong is banned for life from competing after admitting to doping throughout his career, and was stripped of the 1999-2005 Tour de France titles. He rode against Dutchman Boogerd during that period, notably placing second to him in the 1999 Amstel Gold Race.

The UCI announced on Wednesday that Boogerd was handed a two-year ban for admitting to doping during his time as a professional rider with Rabobank, from 1997 to 2007.

Though retired from riding, Boogerd was involved with Dutch team Roompot-Oranje Peloton as part of its management. Boogerd’s ban will expire on December 21 2017.

>>> Former Rabobank rider Michael Boogerd banned for historical doping offences

Although Armstrong did not elaborate on his two-word reply to the UCI, the Texan has previously said that he feels that he is a scapegoat for an era of doping in professional cycling. He has a lifetime ban, while others – like Boogerd – are handed a two-year ban.

Like Armstrong, Boogerd admitted to using banned blood booster EPO, blood transfusions and other performance-enhancing drugs during his time as a rider.

  • Bryn

    I am a Lance fan. The fact that they can’t replace him as TdF winner speaks volumes. It’s well known that all the ‘greats’ doped. Virenque is the ideal example of scapegoating. He cried and protested his innocence and is fairly untouched. He has kept his mountain jerseys!
    Those who whinged and whined that Lance was a bully didn’t complain when they were in his team and making good money. It was only after when they tried to beat him they began to whinge. Bully? Or ruthless team leader and winner? The latter for me.

  • Eldred Nimenibo

    Pantani and others were pressured to dope by the institutionalized doping in Cycling which was in place when Lance got there. It is still there….don’t be naive.

  • Chris

    In that era of cycling everyone was doing it, because Lance won the TDF 7 times he gets banned for life. If he had come second or third he would have received a 2 year ban. It is bullshit!!!

  • ummm…

    i appreciate ur reasoned response. but i really do feel that LA being banned is an excuse for the UCI to “turn the page” when we know the page is far from turned.

  • Jay

    I think he has the responsibility just like other riders to promote anti doping in cycling (which he did through commercials etc but he was doping all along and viciously lied about it even under oath). In terms of being made a scapegoat, I don’t think these bodies or anyone including you and I is naive enough to think that now LA is out of the picture the sport should be clean.

  • GoRixter

    Armstrong tried to screw over the lives of everybody who dared to question him. His crimes of doping are nowhere near the same as Boogerds

  • ummm…

    so he has the responsibility to reform a global culture of doping in professional sport? not the governing bodies, not the sponsors, not the organizers, not the owners, not all together plus the riders, only lance carrys that weight. well guess what, outing him did us no good. just gave us a scapegoat, which is more harmful.

  • Jay

    Life isn’t fair as we all know it but it doesn’t mean you could take full advantage and let the others rot in the trenches. It should be the other way around to find ways to correct it, especially someone like him being so influential when he was at his peak.

    But he was too greedy and decided to take it to the next level by destroying those that wanted to be righteous. And that’s why i think he fully deserves a lifetime ban, not because he doped but because he has no respect and no guilty conscience whatsoever. Not even after he had cancer.

  • ummm…

    and the words i associate with fans that pretend Lance was the problem, or that he doesnt have a point; naive fan boys

  • ummm…

    you dont bribe officials – it is the cost of doing business; you dont force teemates to dope – they already were and thats why they got to the elite level; he financially ruined those that the “innocents” were not willing to defend because they were making money too; the private jet thing you should probbaly take up with the courts if you have evidence; sued for bonuses he didnt earn – touche, but it owuld have been suspicious if he didnt; cash rules everything around me…etc (wu tang clan)

    Is LA getting off scott-free? lifetime ban. the rest, 6month ban and a place to make money in the sport. i loved to see LA fall. now that he did i noticed all the other crooks too – still there, smiling and laughing and looking so fine.

  • ummm…

    and the UCI and USADA and all others get to play the innocent ones. yeah, life is fair right? Cmon, open your eyes. we were all happy to see LA fall. the fact that he took the brunt of it shows how spineless and shifty the rest are

  • ummm…

    i dunno what this means, but i like it. wasn’t an armstrong fan before the ban. SOMEHOW, in my elation over he fall the UCI etc. bungled it so much that I became a sympathetic supporter.

  • ummm…

    ……lol, right

  • ummm…

    how do you measure success?

  • blakeavon

    shut up Lance

  • Michael

    Yes, this is quite obviously what happens.

    If I crash my car driving it badly that’s made worse if I kill someone as a result.

    The crime may be the same, but sentences vary based on factors – including mitigating factors as well.

    Armstrong did significantly more than simply doping.

  • Michael

    Yep, not to mention the people he sued and attacked.

    The guy has no redeeming qualities at all.

    Look at what happened when he had a car accident – he even lied about that. This is a completely dishonest, untrustworthy and despicable guy not just in cycling, but in life.

    That said, I think the cycling world and media should just ignore him. Stop filling cycling racing and news with stories about him.

    The best thing for the future of cycle racing is to smother this guy’s self-pitying self-publicity machine.

    Maybe then there’d be a chance for America to find a decent cyclist worth talking about. They certainly need one.

  • Michael

    Surprising. The two words I most associate with Armstrong since his ban are “Boo hoo”

  • Graham Salmun

    so you are saying that people should be punished by the consequences of their actions, not the actions themselves? so if two people are selling the same amount of heroin and one individual is netting higher profits because their margins are higher, or because he works harder, then the person making more money should be punished more severely, despite committing the exact same crime?? His fellow competitors were NOT cheating at a local time trial for $20, they were competing against him for millions of dollars. obviously an amateur cyclist winning a local TT is significantly different from lance’s competitors at the TDF…i.e. floyd landis, tyler hamilton, jan ullrich, etc etc etc. Everyone was doping as well, he was just genetically and athletically superior.

  • Ananke

    Why shouldn’t punishment be proportional to success? If you defraud the sport out of millions of dollars and in turn deny fellow competitors the earnings that they are due, then your punishment should be harsher than if you cheated on a local club time trial and won $20.

  • whatever_dude

    Never back down? What planet are you from? Get it straight: it’s not just about his doping. Armstrong is a corrupt criminal who bribed officials, forced his teammates to dope, financially ruined anyone who got in his way, used charitable contributions to fund a private jet, sued for bonuses he didn’t earn, and got away with it all because he was a money train with a good story.

    Everyone else from that era paid a penalty, but you think Armstrong should be the only one who gets off scott-free. Just how big a sleaze does someone have to be before you think they should be punished?

  • Michiel Mohr

    Lance is still my hero.. Fight on and never back down..
    To suggest pro sports of any description is “clean” and not corrupt is the biggest pile of BS out there..

  • borts

    I really don’t like what Lance stands for but he’s right, UCI is a corrupt gutless organization.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    Nah, third place has to be clean as a whistle He’s now DS at CCC Sprandi Polkowice 😉

  • J1

    Oh look, CW’s favourite person again.

  • J1

    Third place was probably doping too.

  • Jay

    Still whinging and whining like a little kid. “How come he only has an hour detention and I have three.” Still shows no remorse over his wrong doing and I guess he never will.

  • Ronin

    Where in the UCI or WADA regulations are there sanctions for being mean?

  • johnnyfreewheel

    Armstrong should tell the UCI & Tygard to meet him in front of the pawn shop and kiss him under the balls.

  • milton

    quite right , Armstrong may have been a nasty piece of work but so have a lot of other riders, he may have doped but so did many others most of whom got off very lightly by squealing to that twerp Tygard or whatever he liked to call himself . As for the U C I well what is there to say , like most authorities totally corrupt its got to a point where i almost feel sorry for Lance , he has taken the wrap for all the ills of cycling to the relief i should think of many riders and officials . I think it is about time the whole sorry saga was put on the back burner and forgotten about for a couple of decades , i for one am totally p eed off with the whole thing.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    Unlikely. Second-placed rider was… wait for it… Armstrong.

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    Lance went too far. His crimes went way beyond doping itself and into the realms of serial lying, bullying, prostituting charity work, the list goes on. Empire building and ego tripping on an epic scale. The Legendary American. “Pure Bullshit” in fact.

  • Thiago Corrêa

    I think it’s not just about Boogerd. There’s much more of doping scandals or confessions where punishment is relatively low.

  • ridein

    He had his chance to cooperate with USADA and get a lighter sentence. His vantage point was he had beaten all other attempts to take him down, so why should I get real this time. His attitude and smugness to the end is what got him into his own mess.
    A lifetime ban is harsh, but then it should be and hopefully make other dopers think twice. There has to be basic deterrents to cheating like losing time, freedom or money.

  • elan

    Whenever someone else is found guilty they are okay.I agree ban them for a time and let them return,it may be their livelihood?However Lance is being made the scapegoat for every dopers on the go.You are banned from racing for drug taking,not for you attitude towards someone,the so called bullied lot appear to be doing okay as far as I can see.I do agree on a racing ban,but everyone has to be treated the same,or this farce is going to continue.If you make a mistake then you should returnto cycling.There are worst crimes out there than Lances.Its a bike race,nothing more.

  • Conor McGrane

    Did Boogard lose his Amstel Gold win????

  • RobTM

    Lance Armstrong impure BS

  • contrelamontre

    He is a scapegoat because he was the face of doping in cycling. To an extent I think he is paying for the sins of others but he has to because no-one else dominated and made so much from doing the wrong thing. He thinks this is unfair and under other circumstances it might be but his attitude towards others is why his ban is totally correct in my view.

  • markholds

    I agree with you. His ‘crimes’ were a lot worse than just doping. But in that case, why do you think he is being made a scapegoat?

  • contrelamontre

    I don’t like Armstrong but he is being made a scapegoat. What Armstrong doesn’t seem to realise – or chooses to ignore – is that he is different from the likes of Boogerd and this is why he has a lifetime ban. Armstrong deserves a life-long ban not just for doping but for all the lying and intimidation of other people whilst he was doing it.