Much-anticipated Lance Armstrong biopic 'The Program' directed by Stephen Frears has its first trailer released

The first trailer for the forthcoming Lance Armstrong biographical film by director Stephen Frears has been released on the internet.

The trailer gives a taste of what the film will be like: and it doesn’t look like it is going to hold back on telling the story of the American rider’s controversial career, from Tour de France success to his final doping admission. Blood bags, syringes and all.

Titled The Program, the film stars Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong and Chris O’Dowd as Irish journalist David Walsh. Dustin Hoffman, Guillaume Canet and Jesse Plemons also feature in the film.

In order to recreate an authentic feel for the film, many of the bikes and team kit from the era were painstakingly recreated. London bike manufacturer Condor Cycles was involved in preparing machines that look like those used by Motorola, Saeco, Telekom, ONCE and many others.

>>> How Condor made the bikes for the new Lance Armstrong film

The film has been in production for at least two years and is based on Walsh’s book, Seven Deadly Sins, and features a script by Trainspotting writer John Hodge. Frears previously directed The Queen and Philomena.

The Program is due for release into British cinemas towards the end of the year. More details can be found on the film’s official website at

  • ralphie e velasquez

    Yeah,but the man is loaded.I just would like to see him race again with out doping.we’ll see what he is made of.

  • Vespertine

    Shot their wad too early here I feel, should have kept this one under the grill for another ten years then get Ron Howard to make an epic, this is pure straight to DVD junk.

  • montagna_lunga


  • AmIJustAPessimistOrWhat?

    Should have asked “Lance Armstrong” to star as “Lance Armstrong” – as I understand it he is currently unemployed and in dire need of attention.

  • eminusx

    Looks a bit ‘made for TV’

  • Bob

    I wonder how it ends – shhh don’t tell me

  • George White

    It looks good! The real story.

  • Ause Ekel

    What a joke this trailer. FLOP!