The peer also went on LBC Radio to express his disdain for the new cycle infrastructure in Central London


Lord Sugar has tweeted his verdict on Boris Johnson’s attempts to make London safer for cyclists, saying the London Mayor ‘needs a whack’.

Baron Sugar of Clapton was reacting after saying he’d been stuck in traffic for an hour on Lower Thames Street in Central London.

Speaking to LBC on the morning of November 24, the television personality invited Boris to join him on his drive into London on a busy morning.

As well as Johnson deserving a whack, whoever “drafted the construction of this thing in Lower Thames Street… they need a good slapping”, according to the British billionaire.

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“Boris himself needs to come to my house one Monday morning, and we’ll drive in”, Lord Sugar went on to say.

“He will be pulling his blonde hair out by the time we get anywhere near Westminster.”

The LBC presenter pointed out that the infrastructure is being implemented to reduce the number of cyclist fatalities on the capital’s roads.

Sugar agreed that the injuries and fatalities must be stopped, but this will be done by what he calls “situation awareness”.

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“I have a very simple principle when I’m out on my bike: any car… is going to kill me.

“Any truck that is parked by a set of traffic lights, I will not go down the inside lane of it, I will stay behind it and be patient, because it’s going to kill me.

“As long as you have that philosophy when you’re riding your bike in Central London, I think 99% of the accidents that occurred would have been avoided.”

  • Michael

    Nevertheless the guy is a halfwit if he really believes that “99%” of accidents are the fault of the cyclist as he implies.

  • Fergus Nash

    Why doesn’t he use a helicopter, too of a much cheapskate ? he tweeted this from a bus most probably

  • ummm…

    I live in NYC. I don’t have sympathy for people who choose to drive (or are chauffeured) in high traffic areas. If you are able to take advantage of other modes of transport and you do not, then whose fault is it? If I have to worry about EVERYTHING killing me, then he has to sit in his car for a few hours. Seems like a fair balance; comrades in misery.

  • Ben Ripley

    Mr. Sugar needs to get out of his roller and on his tricycle.

  • Nigel Rue

    I hate to agree with Lord Sugar, but having the mindset that everyone is out to get you is the only way too survive on two wheels.