Drivers, pedestrians and fellow cyclists all filmed making bad decisions on Manchester's roads

A helmet camera-wearing cyclist has posted a video on YouTube showing examples of bad driving in Manchester.

Coming under the name MCR Cyclist on the video sharing website, the 24-year-old has posted around 50 videos in the last five years and his latest one is a compilation of the worst incidents he has been involved in.

His videos have attracted the attention of the police as well as motorists who have since apologised after seeing the footage again or, in some cases, abused him online. He wishes to remain anonymous because of the abuse.

The video includes a car performing a U-turn just as the rider approaches the vehicle and a bus pulling into a bus stop when the cyclist is on the bus’ inside.
While all clips technically flout the law, some do appear slightly trivial. That, however, cannot be said of the clip that shows a man hanging his feet out the window of his car that is parked in a strictly-only cycle lane.

He told the Manchester Evening News that impatience, oblivious drivers, tailgating, over-steeping advanced safety zones and disregard to the Highway Code are what annoys him the most when cycling.

  • Texas Roadhouse

    The video has disappeared

  • Peter Marlow

    I can’t help noticiing our secret cyclist seems a little too keen to
    ride straight into trouble. Any cyclist wo rides headlong on the inside
    of 2 buses and expects to emerge safely needs his brain tested – see the
    second sequence.

    Don’t go looking for trouble MCR, the roads
    are dangerous enough already – look after yourself. Try braking when
    you see trouble!