Lotto Cycling Cup says sorry for the podium presentation at the Flanders Diamond Tour, but distances itself from the organisation of it

The organisers of the Flanders Diamond Tour have apologised after bikini-clad podium girls flanked cyclists in post-race pictures.

The scene was branded an ‘utter disgrace’ by cyclist Marijn de Vries, who posted the image on Twitter, prompting organiser Lotto Cycling Cup to tweet an apology in which it distanced itself from from the organisation of the podium.

Reports on Twitter claim that the girls were not only present for the podium presentation, but were in fact circulating around the VIP area throughout the race.

The podium presentation stole the limelight, somewhat, from race winner Jolien D’Hoore of Wiggle-Honda in her first race back from a six-week break.

With the eyes of the women’s cycling world descending on Britain this week for the Aviva Women’s Tour, ITV commentator Ned Boulting insists the podiums here will be a bit more reserved.

Elsewhere, Anna Zivarts showed off her Photoshop skills with this mock-up of Chris Froome celebrating his Critérium du Dauphiné win surrounded by Speedo-d men.

The Aviva Women’s Tour starts on Wednesday in Bury St Edmunds.

  • psi4power

    Im sure half of these dike cyclists were glad so let the gilrs enjoy themselves and be glad anyone is even watching women’s cycling. This is more of a story than whoever the carpet cruncher is that won the race.

  • Maltina Maltina

    You have the brains of a pheasant (faisan, fazant). Just because some women are willing to be paid to pose in bikinis is no argument to do it. As you don’t understand, let me explain that displaying barely-dressed women in this way is unnecessary, inappropriate, objectifying and insulting to whichever cyclists are on the podium.

    Nor do you represent the whole of mainland Europe. It’s backward men like you that make men in general look bad.

  • NitroFan

    Hmm Flanders Diamond Tour must have picked some ex FIFA people on the marketing side cheap. Either way it is an insult to the achievemnt of these fine female cyclists.

  • Tom Hamshere

    tbh, even then, it’s a bit weird. What’s the purpose behind the scantily-clad people? Surely it is the competitors we should be paying attention to, rather than random flesh. Isn’t it the race that’s important? Is the flesh intended to distract, or is it the intention of the flesh to distract? It certainly isn’t doing a good job of drawing attention to the achievements of those folk on the podium. After all, this is their day. Don’t take it away from them.

  • Tom Hamshere

    An easy way to figure out if something is sexist is to replace the women in the scenario with men. If you think men in posing-pouches flanking the podium and mingling with VIPs is undesirable, but that it’s okay for women, then you’re being sexist. HTH.

  • Dr.Madhav

    How about guys kissing the girls on the podiums? Would be politically-correct thing to ask considering girls kissing guys?

  • Freddie Merckx

    Correct, it is 2015… and there are more girls than ever willing to be hostesses on the podium… bikini an ‘all

    Maybe not in UK where anything and everything is offensive, but here in mainland Europe we are relaxed about this sort of thing… at the end of the day, the girls decide whether they want to do it or not so nothing wrong with it

  • Peterg

    That’s the point – it IS 2015, and cycling is still acting like it’s the 1950’s.
    Having bikini clad podium girls is objectifying and demeaning to women at any race, and as for having them at a women’s event…..?!?!
    It’s time to move the podium presentations into the 21st century.

  • Tim lewis

    Who cares if women in bikinis are on the presentation stage.. It’s 2015!! Stop living in the past !! Get over it ned boulting!!