Dorset Police appeal for witnesses after a cyclist assaulted a driver and then rode off with his car keys

Dorset Police have issued an appeal for witnesses to an incident in Christchurch involving a cyclist who assaulted a driver before riding off with the ignition key.

The incident occurred on Sunday, December 13, at around midday on Bridge Street in Christchurch.

According to a police statement, the cyclist approached the driver of a green Fiat Punto, which was stationary in a queue of traffic. The cyclist apparently shouted at the driver before leaning into the car window.

The driver – a man in his 60s – reports that the driver struck him in the face and then removed the keys from his ignition, before riding off. The driver sustained a cut on his face during the incident.

Photo of a cyclist involved in a 'road rage' incident in Dorset

Photo of a cyclist involved in a ‘road rage’ incident in Dorset

Police have released a photograph of the cyclist, who they describe as being white, male, in his 30s. He was accompanied by a second cyclist who was not involved in the incident.

“I am able to release a photo of the suspect and ask anyone who recognises him from his clothing or bike to contact me,” said Police Constable Peter Simpson, of East Dorset police.

“I am also keen to speak with the man cycling alongside him as his information may help us with our enquiries.”

Anyone with information can contact the police by telephoning 101 and quoting incident number 13:179.

  • Michael Hawkes

    Stevo, I have NEVER been randomly attacked while walking; in fact I have never been randomly attacked, ever. Since leaving the military, two years ago, I have regularly commuted to work. For approximately eighteen months I’ve used the cameras. During those eighteen months I have experienced twenty one near misses that (I felt) were worthy of reporting for careless/dangerous driving. Of course, your experience may be different. Perhaps you cycle on a deserted island free of traffic and chose to go out in Glasgow, near the Celtic ground, chanting Rangers songs with an English accent. My cycling experience has lead me to to add the cameras after a period. I didn’t start with them on there.

  • Malaprop

    60 is a pensioner?

  • Stevo

    We can’t assume anything, and only a yob would hit an old man.

    Do you wear a camera on your head when you are not cycling? You are more likely to be attacked off the bike than on it, and the consequences are likely to more serious.

  • Gazzaputt

    Well said!

  • Michael Hawkes

    We can assume that the cyclist didn’t go out on a mission to punch people and steal their keys. Therefore ‘something’ happened to provoke the response, perhaps a near miss where the cyclist felt under threat of injury, causing him to get angry. His (disproportionate) response, was most likely precipitated by some event involving the car. Unless of course, he is a psychopath with a penchant for taking car keys and punching people for no reason. I have a Fly 6 camera on the back of my bike and a GoPro on my lid in case of such occurrences. Both sides of the story would be helpful.

  • Carl Hawkins

    Car drivers don’t hate cyclists.
    People hate other people.
    Car drivers hate other drivers.
    Cyclists hate other cyclists too.
    Its not us and them.
    10% of people are just nobs

  • Chris Hayworth

    This is a pathetic excuse for a cyclist, does this thug realize that he is the reason car drivers hate cylists?

  • Richard Bruton

    Never said it was acceptable, just want to hear the excuse of the angry rider and then the truth

  • Vance Harvey

    Sick comment!

  • Harri

    nothing wrong with giving somebody some well deserved lunch 😉

  • Walter Crunch

    No excuse to lunch a pensioner and take his keys.

  • Richard Bruton

    Curious to hear the other side of the story and then of course the truth after that!