Former Lotto and CSC rider Paul Van Hyfte was the driver who crashed into the back of the FDJ car at the Tour of Flanders, while a policeman caused Jesse Sergent to crash

The drivers of the two neutral service cars that caused injuries to Jesse Sergent and Sébastien Chavanel at the Tour of Flanders on Sunday have been identified as a policeman and a former professional rider.

Sergent, who was part of a seven-man breakaway, collided with a Shimano car as he turned a corner around the halfway mark of the race.

According to, the driver of the car was a police officer, who reportedly cannot remember anything about the incident or what caused him to try and pass the New Zealander in such a narrow place.

The Trek Factory Racing rider was left with a broken collarbone in the crash as he was sent flying across the road.

Soon after, another Shimano car rear-ended the FDJ team car as it slowed to attend to Chavanel, causing the open door to knock the rider from his bike. This car, Ciclo21 reports, was driven by former Lotto and CSC rider Paul Van Hyfte.

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Shimano issued an apology after the race, stating: “At Shimano we apologise for both incidents the Shimano sponsored neutral caused today at the Tour of Flanders.

“We especially apologise to the riders and teams involved, Jesse Sergent of Trek Factory Racing and Sébastien Chavanel of Française des Jeux. We wish them a speedy recovery.

“The drivers of the neutral cars are professionals with many years of experience in professional cycling races. We will investigate both incidents deeply and take appropriate action.”

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    in the case of “Jesse Sergent” the driver of the car is to blame.

    # All “Support Cars” was on the right side, while that “Shimano Car” was on the left.

    # It is obvious that in any race, racers will lean close to the turning
    side at the turning [in this case, to their left], So overtaking the
    racers at a turning point is “Absolutely Outrageous”. Either the driver
    is “Highly Inexperienced” to know about this, or is “Highly Experienced”
    to know about this and intentionally caused the accident.

    In any case “Shimano” has to come up with an explanation.

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    The Sergent crash was pure negligence. I can’t help feel that the other incident where the team car was shunted, is indicative of a wider problem in the cavalcade of team cars. Chavanel’s FDJ car pulled over without any indication, and all of the cavalcade were tightly packed. It’s a bit like riding in a bunch; you don’t brake hard. I think the wider issue of how all the team cars are driven needs to be looked at, rather than this one incident in isolation. I’ve seen many incidences this year where team cars have shot passed riders at a distance that’s made me flinch. I thought commuters had it bad…

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