Licensed Taxi Drivers Association general secretary compared London cyclists to an the Islamic terror group ISIS in a radio interview

The general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association has compared cyclists to Islamic terror group ISIS in a radio rant.

Steve McNamara told London’s LBC radio described how the “zealots of the cycling world” have been attacking the LTDA online following their objections to the capitals cycle superhighway plans.

“These people, the zealots of the cycling world, are unbelievable. We have had cyber attacks on our websites,” he said on the show.

“They are all over us like a cheap suit on Twitter and social media. We have had physical threats of violence. You name it, we have had it. It’s absolutely unreal.

“The loonies out there in the cycling world, they’re almost the sort of ISIS of London. Their views and their politics – if you are not with them, and we are with the majority of it, then nothing is too bad for you. These people are unreal.”

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Andrew Gilligan, the Mayor of London’s cycling expert, told the Evening Standard’s Ross Lydall: “It’s a remarkable thing to say and illustrates how badly a few people are getting this issue out of proportion.”

McNamara told Lydall after the radio show that he may have “gone too far”, but reiterated the fact that he and his organisation have received death threats.

“Perhaps I would accept that was a bit strong. It was a live interview. I have had death threats,” he said, adding: “I’m not going to be intimidated. I don’t take them seriously. We have not reported anything to the police because I don’t think there is anything in them. I think it’s just a few loonies, but they really have got a sort of religious zeal.”

  • KenW

    Rich coming from a taxi driver.
    Meanwhile, in another news item on here, who is it that’s facing Court accused of ‘using his vehicle as a weapon’ (not a cyclist!)

  • Julian Barker

    I commute 27 miles on my bike everyday in Manchester and really feel the, ‘we all share the road together’ point of view gets lost by the ISIS cyclists and Fascist taxi bosses, to name but 2 hardliners. More thumbs ups and smiles and mouthing of ‘thank you’ will make everyone be safer and happier.

  • CountyCllr John Wall

    A driver went round the wrong side of a pedestrian refuge to get past me recently ! It’s times like that when I wish I’d had a video camera. Every highway user seems to complain about the others. Long time since I saw a horse in my urban area !

  • Mark Jones

    I have never once been delayed by a cyclist. Okay it may take 5-10 seconds to wait until it’s safe to overtake, but I’m soon safely back in the queue of cars. If you segregated cyclists then surely that means that horse riders should be segregated too and that wouldn’t go down to well in your county would it? A bit of patience and common sense from everyone makes a big difference.

  • ScaredAmoeba

    DfT say 80% of cyclists are drivers.

  • dourscot

    This from a man whose members drive around in black vehicles, pushing everyone off the road.

  • John Smith

    Maybe test taxi drivers on their behaviour?
    Its vehicle drivers that kill & maim people not the other way round
    More people are killed by disabled trolleys than cycles

  • David Chadderton

    Cyclists are usually also drivers.

  • nobody

    Common sense ? Maybe for car drivers who are so selfish. Everyone wants to get everywhere as fast as they can, cycle paths are usualy not the best route. As much as cyclist interfere with cars who want to go flat out on every road, cars stop cyclist from going faster too. Also cars use fuel, they produce fumes and cycling is so much healthier. Common sense would be increase insurance if you are driving a car to work unless your going over 2 miles, or a ocasional trip because of weather or going shoping afterwards, and get walking or on a bike the rest of the time. #less trafic#less polution#healthy society#common sense#think both ways#dont be a dick#get a bike#bloody car driver whos destroying our planet

  • CountyCllr John Wall

    Has anybody tried suggesting that segregated/protected cycle infrastructure is the best method of getting the #bloodycyclists out of the way of cars, taxis, etc? Or is that too much like common sense?

  • John Smith

    Mr Taxi man needs to take a deep breath . .
    Then have a long hard look at the driving behaviour of his brethren
    He may wish to consider advising his members to give cyclists more room

  • David Chadderton

    Wow, that’s a phenomenal change in the perception of commuting cyclists. So cyclists have evolved from being mild-mannered, responsible road users, intent on fitness and health, sprinting up hills, not crashing into cats and dogs, minimising their road space, avoiding getting in the way of motor vehicles, not killing New Forest ponies, breathing in gulps of clean, fresh air and really appreciating the trees and countryside. Now some are accused of behaving like computer hackers, religious zealots, mass murderers, those who are intent on beheading passing motorists, AK47-wielding para-military gang members, sword-wielding killers and stone-throwing killers of females who transgress marriage laws.

    Oh dear, it may be all those testosterone pills that cyclists obviously swallow up on for their daily commute. What are they like at work, I wonder? Just shows that my attitude, as a non-London cyclist, remains in the realm of Patterson’s drawings and Johny Helms’ cartoons. I prefer to stay in those eras thank you.