Callers to the emergency services report two cyclists riding wrong way along central reservation of the A12

Police officers in Essex were unable to locate two teenage cyclists who were spotted riding the wrong way up the A12 on Monday morning.

An initial report to the police claimed that a cyclist was riding northbound on the southbound carriageway between junctions 26 and 25 at around 9.30am.

Then a second emergency call reported two teenagers riding their bikes along the central reservation against the flow of traffic, according to the East Anglia Daily Times.

According to the Times, police put in rolling roadblocks on the road but were unable to find the cyclists who had been spotted.

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Casualty reduction manager at Essex Police, Adam Pipe, told the paper: “This is totally unacceptable behaviour and not something we want to see. It is shocking.

“I can’t imagine what they were thinking. It posed not only a great risk to those riders but also to the travelling public.

“If we had caught them or managed to detect them they may have got more than a few stern words, and there is legislation which could be used to prosecute such as dangerous or careless and inconsiderate cycling.”

  • Michael

    Ok, Grandpa. Time for your meds.

  • Timpacker

    Like I said pathetic police can’t find 2 cyclists in broad daylight no wonder people commit daylight robbery

  • Michael

    For the same reason the police can’t find me eating my lunch an hour ago.

    Their police boxes aren’t time machines

  • racyrich

    What way is against the flow when you’re on the central reservation?

  • Timpacker

    Pathetic grammar.. If that’s the only thing you’ve got to say just shut up or are you a pathetic police man yourself!!!

  • Weccy

    Not would of, it’s would have. Pathetic grammar, Police can’t be everywhere

  • Timpacker

    How on earth could the police not find 2 people riding bikes the wrong way on the a12!!! Pathetic police as usual.. I bet they would of soon caught somebody speeding though and quicker still issued a speeding ticket!!!