Powys County Council say they have been told the Tour of Britain will not pass through the area in 2015 after five successive years of hosting a stage

The Tour of Britain will not return to Powys in 2015, according to a report in the Shropshire Star.

The race has visited Montgomeryshire for the past five years, generating around £700,000 for the economy last year, but Powys County Council have been told this season’s edition will skip the region.

Councillor Avril York admits she is disappointed by the decision, but insists the council will work hard to ensure the race returns in 2016.

“Thousands of cycle enthusiasts visited Powys during last year’s Tour of Britain and it was a significant boost to our economy,” she told the Star.

“Our economic impact assessment of the Tour of Britain 2014 showed that 70,000 people, mostly from outside of the county, visited stage three of the tour which started in Newtown and ended in Abergavenny in September.

“The findings of the report shows the value to the county of these high profile events. The financial boost to the local business during the few hours that the event is in Powys is quite remarkable and fully justifies the efforts taken to attract the race here.”

  • Mark Jones

    Wales has a population of just over 3 million, so to have two stages in Wales last year and a stage for the last five years was very good going. It is an 8 stage race, so will not manage to come to every region every year (just look at how the Tour de France struggles and that’s a three-week race). Powys has a population of 130,000 so to expect the race to go there every year would be unrealistic when Britain has a population of 62 million. When the race was elevated to hors category status it was clear that the race would visit different parts of Britain each year, so this year it will start in Scotland and visit more of the eastern side of the country. Surely having the race visit more areas will enable more people to see the race and keep the popularity rather than it visiting the same towns every year like it did in the past.

  • John Sidneydavid Hart

    Tour of Britain? Or toe?