• Bex

    Isn’t the final stage sponsored by Transport for London? The last time I looked London wasn’t in Surrey. Stop moaning and get behind it people – then maybe next time the Tour of Britain will be marginally more important than the Pope, rather than the other way round!

  • ian poyton

    Surry hills! Iexpect it is just because they live near there. Let the people of the East End have a turn. We may not have mountains, the final stage of The Tour of France does not either, should that be moved too, just to suit people of limited interests. I get fed up with elitist people writting off any thing this side of London. The roads are good and the race will be great and a good advert for cycling.

  • Anne

    I agree with Cavologuardi. This is probably one of the most boring routes available. They don’t have to disturb the pope, they could’ve raced in the beautiful Surrey Hills. Or if they wanted to keep it in London, there are plenty of beautiful areas in the South West. What a pity…will still go support tho.

  • sylvia

    What an unfair comment. the centre of London has to be closed off for the Pope’s visit so the tour cannot go through that part of the capital. The Pope is marginally more important after all! At least the tour finale is still accessible.

  • s c

    I will be follwowing the tour throughout East Anglia, luckily they go right past my road, loop around in such a way that i can get ahead of them and see them at what i consider a very good spot indeed. My only issues are the lack of hills, big hills, in east anglia and the fact its on a friday not a saturday. all my family would have followed it had it been a saturday. closing the roads for those few hours shouldnt be an issue, we have lots of routes that go in the same basic direction, just slightly longer. i only hope it is well televised. i am really excited to be able to see, in the flesh, some of the best riders in the world, what a thrill, i cant wait for 17th sept.

  • Gavin

    That is a pathetic route with nothing of interest on it. They should of just ommitted London and tackled the Surrey Hills instead. This will do nothing good for the Tour’s image.

  • Cavologuardi