A van driver and a cyclist get involved in some fisticuffs in the middle of the road, all captured on the driver's dashboard camera

Those of you unfortunate enough to have watched Tyson Fury beating Wladimir Klitschko at the weekend will know that boxing isn’t what it used to be – and the pair in this video did nothing to enhance its reputation.

As the van driver pulled away from a set of traffic lights he had a few choice words for a cyclist, who was out of shot, who apparently tried to overtake the vehicle.

At the next set of lights the cyclist stopped in front of the van, appearing to strike the bonnet with his fist, prompting the driver to exit his vehicle to continue the discussion.

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A scuffle broke out, caught on the driver’s dashboard camera, which involved the driver grabbing the rider by the collar and the rider swinging wild punches.

The Rumble in the Jungle it was not, but the physical pair seemed to be separated when a car driver intervened and another cyclist sped the wrong way down the road to help out – or so it seemed.

While the fighting stopped, the bickering continued, with the driver then grabbing hold of the rider’s saddle as he tried to ride off, resulting in more pushes and punches.

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Then, as the rider made his way across the road to sort himself out, the intervening cyclist ran after him and threw him to the ground once more in a strange assault – stopping the rider from getting away.

For sparring enthusiasts, the action was a bit tame, with both the driver and cyclist equally to blame for the fight breaking out. But 80s music fans will enjoy the soundtrack from the driver’s radio, with George Michael and Arethra Franklin’s ‘I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)’ getting some air time.

  • PennyStinkard

    You’re going to have to define “pretty small” because that’s not how I’d describe it.

  • PennyStinkard

    Easy as pie to keep a gun in the van, though, as many Americans do. Statistically, something like 37% of road rage incidents involve a firearm (fortunately in most cases it’s some dunce merely brandishing it).

    And, yes, I know a few cyclists who carry firearms on their rides, but I live in Texas, where it’s guns for all occasions. Perhaps you live somewhere more sensible.

  • Micky Mallen

    I think the cyclist is probably more to blame here – unnecessary
    behaviour. The driver never attempts a single punch, he just restrains
    and tries to protect himself. The cyclist, however, has disc
    brakes….says it all really
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  • Nic Lowe

    There are 300 million guns in America and 330 million people. I have been personally shocked by folk I have met in the US who appear to be completely ordinary but carry guns as a matter of course, including cyclists for ‘protection’. I have held a gun.

  • Michael

    My point was merely to show that your idea that “in the US the number of people threatened by guns is pretty small let alone shot” is nonsense.

    I just used the police figures and the overall deaths as 2 easily available statistics to compare the UK and the USA.

    Although you appear to have misread them.

    My facts are straight. The 11000-12000 deaths per year figure is showing just how gun crazy the USA is compared with sane and civilised countries it wasn’t just police shootings. Perhaps you should learn to read?

    I said “Gun homicides in the USA have averaged around 11000-12000 people a year since 2001. In the UK, it’s typically around 50-100.” note the complete lack of mentions of “police” in that sentence?

    Equating these murders with Hitler and WW2 is, frankly, moronic even for an American.

  • addie Baaddiee

    when the river was deep

  • ron draycott

    Supberb self defensive skills by the driver

  • Antony Mauger

    quite easy to carry one in the cab of a truck though. And would that be a carbon bow?

  • Geoff Ross

    Only thing I got from that is that northerners are unnecessarily angry chest beating morons!

  • TheVelvetUnderpants

    It is an exaggeration to say that everyone in the US carries a gun (fortunately my mother-in-law is one who refuses to have a firearm!). However, last Friday the FBI carried out so many background checks on gun shoppers that they estimate 185,000 guns were sold. At that rate it may soon cease to be an exaggeration.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    3:14 the boxing cyclist bites the van drivers arm. Which explains why the other cyclist suddenly turned against the boxing cyclist, who was out of control. Not in the Queensberry rules…

  • jeffity

    Looks like Derren Brown’s fallen on hard times.

  • @Nic Lowe I think you might be over reacting and sterotyping just a wee bit so don’t get your knickers in a twist and make assumptions. The original colonists migrated here to escape the long arm of the monarchy. We don’t all carry guns, in most states it’s illegal, especially cycling. What idiot would even consider taking a piece of metal on a ride? Have you held a gun? They’re heavy and not something you want to be packing in your Lycra jersey next to your gels. I would use a bow and arrow, definitely lighter weight during long climbs.

    Well done with the trolling!

  • Erick Ray

    Ummm I think you missed the point. The video isn’t about police pulling up and shooting a cyclist during an altercation.

    Your assertion that because the US has more officer involved shootings is proof that if an officer showed up someone would get shot is seriously lacking some critical thinking on your part. First of all in the US we are legally allowed to own firearms unless we are a convicted felon but that doesn’t make it impossible to obtain a weapon. When an officer fatally shoots someone it is more than 90% of the time deemed a justifiable homicide. That means the officer was in danger of being seriously harmed or killed or the public was in danger of the same fate.

    If you are of a liberal mindset and conclude that there is never a justifiable reason to take another life then you must live in a bubble where there has never been an act of violence or a reason to meet that violence with equal or greater violence to stop it. I guess someone like Hitler could have been reasoned with had someone just been willing to talk him down.

    My last point is to get your facts straight before you use false information to exaggerate your point. Currently this year there have been 1043 officer involved shootings that resulted in deaths. If you look at the FBI stats from 2008 – 2012 the number of police involved shootings is far less than the numbers you state (11000 – 12000). the number is about 400 per year give or take 15. Here is the link to the above info https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2012/crime-in-the-u.s.-2012/offenses-known-to-law-enforcement/expandedhomicide/expanded_homicide_data_table_14_justifiable_homicide_by_weapon_law_enforcement_2008-2012.xls

    I’d rather have an armed officer show up to a situation than someone not prepared to take control or able to defend themselves or the public like the officers in Wales, England and Scotland assuming the AFO wasn’t sent which I don’t know how often that occurs or what is required for them to be dispatched.

    BTW why are ALL Northern Ireland officers carrying weapons? Is it because of the amount of violence? the NEED to defend themselves?

  • Michael

    Umm…don’t kid yourself here.

    e.g UK police have shot and killed less people in the last 24 years than the USA police killed in just the first 24 days of 2015.

    Gun homicides in the USA have averaged around 11000-12000 people a year since 2001. In the UK, it’s typically around 50-100.

  • Jay Kay

    ooohh…where’s me handbag….UFC…Ultimately Flaccid Cockfight…

  • Erick Ray

    First of all, sometimes cyclists are in the wrong, like this guy who couldn’t over take the driver and then began an arguement. Instead of getting in line behind the driver and continuing he blocks the driver and then engages in a fist fight like he has more rights than the driver. I don’t know what traffic laws are Europe are but in the US the cyclist is definitely in the wrong.

    Nic Lowe, do you think everyone in the US carries a gun? And if so that they would brandish a weapon or threaten someone like this? There is definitely road rage in the US like everywhere else but in the US the number of people threatened by guns is pretty small let alone shot. I’ve had more guns pulled on me in other countries than the US and I’ve lived here 43 years and ran with a dangerous crowd as a young man. I think you watch too much TV and listen to to much liberal media.

    All that to say as a cyclist respect the road, fellow riders, drivers and ride like everyone is out to get you instead of like you own the road.

  • Nic Lowe

    Two things;

    The radio soundtrack makes the whole thing funnier and more surreal than it is.

    Let us be thankful that we do not carry weapons as a matter of course. In the US this would’ve ended badly with a gun.