The Olympic Champion is still chasing a place at the Cheltenham Festival

The owner the horse Victoria Pendleton hopes to race on at the Cheltenham Festival in March has spoken out in support of the former cyclist, stating that he believes she is “great advert” for horse racing.

Speaking to the BBC, Andy Stewart, owner of Pacha Du Polder, said: “I fully endorse Victoria and what she’s trying to achieve.

“The manner in which she has conducted herself throughout has been exemplary.” Stewart continued.

“The challenge allied with her positive approach has been a great advert for racing and her involvement has led to widespread coverage of the sport far beyond the racing pages.”

This endorsement follows the jockey twice being unseated in races, and former champion jump jockey John Francome stating that the 35-year-old “wants stopping before she hurts herself.”

The former track cycling star is continuing her follow-up career of horse racing, and hopes to ride in the Foxhunter Chase at Cheltenham on March 18.

Reports suggest that the decision on Pendleton’s participation in that race will be made after she rides at Wincanton on Wednesday, March 2.

  • trummy

    It ain’t nowt to do with cycling is it?

  • Richard D

    +1 Robin M – so tired of hearing Victoria being singled out whenever she rides on a horses back. She’s just another rider – she’s no horse riding champion. You’d think she’d done something that’s never been done before in the horse riding world, but she hasn’t. She’s just another rider.

    What she achieved in cycling was amazing. What she’s yet to achieve in horse racing is somewhat underwhelming. If she were to win one of the major stakes or classics – THEN that would be a story.

    Until then, let her get on with her life in her new chosen field. Can’t really see how the horse riding will help her flog more Pendleton bikes in Halfords though!

  • Robin Mainwaring

    PLEASE, can we give it up with bloody horse stories about Vicky P? It is like CW is becoming Twitter, which is no accolade in my book. What next, “VP has baked beans on toast for tea”??